Big Dipper Mixed Media Necklace

by Tamara Robertson.
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

Big Dipper Mixed Media Necklace, by Tamara Robertson  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Big Dipper Mixed Media Necklace

I have to confess that my first idea of a title for this necklace was “Roadkill Jewellery, Part 2”, based on a previous submission I made to this site (Copper Wire Roadkill Jewellery)! 😀

I found this spoon when I was out for a walk one morning, on the road. It had obviously been run over, creating the folded-over shape.

It wasn’t the most attractive spoon, unlike some of the spoons I’ve seen jewellery creations made from, but I brought it home, unsure if I would ever do anything worthwhile with it, or if I would end up just throwing it away.

As you can see, there’s a bit of rust on it. I tried to shift the bended part so it was straighter, but it had been too “work hardened” by it’s accident, lol.

It sat with my supplies for a while, until one day when I was working on another project. I had out this pretty silver and gold sand dollar pendant. It’s made of something like paper mache, and the back isn’t in the best shape. I still love it though.

I was going to use it for something else, then I noticed my spoon, and wondered if that might be something I could put the sand dollar in, hiding the back and giving it support. That was the start of the inspiration for this piece.

Big Dipper Mixed Media Necklace, by Tamara Robertson  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I decided to go with the mixed metal look. I knew I needed a substantial chain. This chain is gold-plated, and I’ve had it for a while. It’s a little too brassy and traditional for my liking by itself, but I love it with this, because it totally changes the look. And I like the idea of combining a “good” chain with a beat-up spoon.

I continued adding elements into and onto my spoon. The bright teal green lace softens the look and adds a pop of colour. Everything is beach-inspired, as is common in my pieces. The stone at the bottom of the spoon is clear quartz, but it has a bit of clouding at the top, making it look a bit like beach glass.

I love that I was able to use a variety of my bits and pieces here. I love aqua beach glass, and the flattened freshwater pearls also have a slight aqua tone to them.

The pearls were the last thing I added, and at that point I knew it was finished.

To me, it looks like a big spoon dipped down into some special lake or ocean and came up with lots of beautiful sparkling and shining underwater bits. 🙂

I recently bought a teal green cotton sweater, and it might end up gracing that this fall and winter. 🙂

Tamara Robertson
Pink Pearls and Potpourri

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