Beloved Vintage Necklace

by Cory.
(Arizona USA)

Beloved Vintage Necklace

Beloved Vintage Necklace

After years of painting and teaching mixed media, I find myself using some of the same techniques in my art jewelry work. I work intuitively and become inventive as I go along. I like to use whatever is in front of me, in this case a pile of old jeans.

The necklace titled Beloved Vintage, was born from from some of the jean scraps. The focal is layers of denim and cotton fabric, painted and stamped using acrylics. The stamped image is from my own line of rubber stamps. Attached to the focal is a faux ivory cabochon from my pile of treasures, along with a heat colored copper leaf, beads, and wire motif. The neck band is a plethora of glass beads and denim faux beads. Holding everything in place is a piece of vintage lace…a great thrift find.

I do workshops throughout the country, if I happen to be in your area, stop by and say hello. Or, email me if you have questions, I answer all my mail and would love to hear from you.

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by: Leigh

Your necklace is great. Vintage but with a little modern charm. It would be a perfect addition to any outfit.

For Leigh
by: Cory

Thank you Leigh for the sweet comment, you are right,It does have a bit of vintage and a bit of modern, good observation. I should title it Vintage Modern.

work of art
by: Irene

Wow, this is a real work of art. So lovely and original!

For Irene
by: Cory

Thank you Irene for taking time to post this lovely comment…glad you like the necklace.

Vintage inspired necklace
by: Rena

What a wonderful piece, Cori! I love your use of mixed media, and especially the elements like the jean scraps and the stamping you designed.

Your workshops sound like a lot of creative fun!

Thank so much for sharing this great necklace design with us.

For Rena
by: Cory

Thank you Rena for the lovely comment. Yes, I use whatever is in front of me that does not move. I just posted a cuff made of Paper Leather on my blog. Hope you like.

Absolutely Love…
by: Tamara

Hi Cory,

This is gorgeous! I absolutely love your use of mixed media – I find it very inspiring. You’re definitely right in going in that direction with your jewellery. LOVED the Destiny and Desire piece you submitted last time too!

For Tamara
by: Cory

Thank you Tamara for the kudos. I appreciate the kind words, they are fuel for my creativity.

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