Bad Cat Jewelry Business Card

by ME.
(North Virginia)

I decided a few years ago that I wanted business cards, but had no idea where to start. Since Etsy has a lot of talented graphic artists, I browsed through listings until I found someone who had a design aesthetic that jived with mine.

I selected Alexia from The Prettiest Pixel and haven’t looked back since. The inspiration for the colors came from my little rescue cat who is white with grey splotches, a black nose, and these incredible lime green eyes.

Alexia worked with me to find the perfect green, a font that reflected my style, and something unique and eye-catching. I offer returning customers 10% discount, so she modified the card so that is printed on the back and I don’t have to write it every single time.

In the initial photo you can see she put a fade on the card which she has since tweaked and it is just plain black. I ordered a UV coating for both sides and while I love the finish, I can’t write with a ballpoint pen on the back.

I loved the business cards and then she worked with me to create earring cards. The design is simplified so the earrings are showcased against the black card and my website and Etsy store is printed on the side. I bought some earring hole punches and slide my earrings through. I purchased some earring card backs and attached them so they could be displayed from a spinning rack.

I stick with black/lime green for everything since I like that cohesive look from my booth to my Etsy store and my packaging.


Bad Cat Jewelry

Bad Cat Jewelry at Etsy

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