Baby Sumac

by Diane.
(Door County, Wisconsin USA)

Metal Clay with Sumac Leaf

Metal Clay with Sumac Leaf

This was my first attempt at metal clay–I’m new to it. I took a baby sumac leaf from my garden and impressed it into the clay. I used liver of sulphur after it was fired (I used the stovetop method–haven’t gotten enough into it to get a kiln yet).



Great detail
by: Leigh

This piece has some great detail in it. Great job.

baby sumac
by: Kate

Diane, I was intrigued by the mention of the stove top method to fire your pretty sumac leaf.

How does that work, as i haven’t heard of this method; having to buy an expensive kiln has put me off using silver clay.

Stovetop method
by: doorcountydi

You can use a butane torch but I found this method much easier: Get a stainless steel mesh (you can buy the mesh separately where they sell supplies for metal clay–either in craft stores or on line), set it on the gas burner on the stove and turn it on. Where you see it glowing orange when it heats up, those are the hottest parts. Turn it off and put your pieces in those spots. Turn the gas burner on all the way and when the pieces glow orange (easiest to see at night with the lights off), time it for 5 minutes and then turn off the burner. Wait until the pieces cool down to remove with tweezers.

I’m sure I’ll get a kiln if I want to do a combo of metal clay with dichrotic glass or other types of clay like copper, but for right now, this works really well.

Beautiful Work
by: KathieL

What an amazing first piece! You go girl! Like I tell my girls, “GIRL POWER!” I sincerely look forward to your future creations! Nice work!

Love this!
by: April Schwaegerle

What a beautiful piece! Best of luck on all of your creative endeavors.

metal clay art
by: York Avenue Studio

Great job, very lovely. I use silver clay and the torch method. Best of luck, keep creating!

Leaf necklace
by: Linda Constancio

This is a very beautiful piece. I love PMC. I always pay to have mine fired. I’m very interested in other methods. I have an electric stove so I don’t know how that would work. I do however, have a torch. If someone has some ideas for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I pay 25.00 – 35.00 to use a stores kilen.

Thank you and keep practing with PMC.. Your a natural:0)

The Torch
by: Diane Kirkland

I’m not sure an electric stove would work, but I’m not sure it wouldn’t, either!

I’ve always been a bit nervous about using a torch, but I’ve watched the YouTube videos and it seems rather safe. $25-35 is a lot to pay for kiln use (depending on the number of pieces you have to fire, I guess!).


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