Baby on the Way!

by Janine Gerade
(Metrowest, Massachusetts)


I have a baby on the way. My first child, a girl of course! I am happy to have a girl so maybe I can share my love of beads with her.

My baby shower was last week and everyone who came gave me a bead and a saying with it. I am instructed to make a bracelet for both of us with the beads from friends and family. What a wonderful Shower idea!

I am worried though on how long I should take “Off” from making plans for my jewelry business.

I am due the 2nd week in March and need to fill out paperwork for 2 spring shows in mid-April and May. These will be my first craft shows in 5 years.

As far as babysitting I think I am covered. I just don’t want to be overwhelmed!

Is April too soon?

Janine Gerade
JMG Designs


take your time
by: Anonymous hi! it all depends on how the delivery goes and wheter or not you plan to breastfeed. docs say to wait 4-6 weeks and take it easy but it is really subjective.
you can pump the breast milk in the first few weeks and store them in polybags in the freezer so that she won’t go hungry in your absence. do talk to your lactatation consultant about your options.
wish you lots and lots of love and luck in your new enterprise and as a new mom again! take good care of yourself….that’s most important and trust your instinct. if you think you can…you will, and even if not, there will be many many more opportunities that will come your way1many regards
what is ‘your’ mantra?

New Baby and Returning to Art Shows
by: RenaHi Janine,Congratulations on the new little one! She will be beading alongside you in no time! :o)

Regarding your question about whether the April show is too soon after your baby arrives – I think a lot of that depends on:

– Whether you have a C-section or other situation that takes moms a bit longer to bounce back from. Your energy level might not be 100% by the mid-April show, which could make the show feel overwhelming.

– Would you be preparing for and doing the show completely on your own, or would you have help?

(I ask that because I remember that for at least the first month after my son was born, I somehow couldn’t seem to accomplish anything. Even getting out the door to grocery shop seemed like quite a process!

However, if you have a supportive spouse or other help – which I didn’t – I’m sure that would make a huge difference.)

– Whether you breastfeed – I remember that this involves spending a lot of wonderful time just sitting, cuddling, and cooing with your baby! It’s a precious time I wouldn’t have rushed through for anything. But it can make it difficult to get much else done – such as getting everything (including yourself) ready for a jewelry show.

– The date your baby actually arrives. Unless you’re having a scheduled birth (for induced labor, etc.), your daughter might decide to wait another week or so after her due date to make her appearance – which would put the April show even closer to her arrival.

I don’t want to unduly influence you here – just a few things to consider before you pay the booth fee for April.

And in any case, I’m excited for you about the birth of your first child! It’s such a magical time – and nothing compares to the moment you finally get to meet her face to face.

Forgot to mention …
by: Rena
… I totally love your earring card design! It’s very clean, chic, and professional looking.Also, your earrings incorporate one of my favorite color schemes!

Thank u!
by: Janine G.
Thank you Nupur and Rena for your kind comments!
Your ideas put it a bit in perspective.
I hope to be breastfeeding so it may delay my spring shows but I have time!

Take your time
by: Anonymous
Hello and congrats on becoming a mother…there is nothing like it!
I too am due in March! This is my second baby and I’m taking a huge step off the show grid this year to enjoy my little one.
Last year I did 22 shows and had a pretty good year. Part of me is a little bummed that I will missing most of these shows this year. I have narrowed it down to 5 shows max. I will do the three local shows that I have done for the past 5 years just to maintain that presence in my local community. And come holiday time I may do a few others that have proven worthy.
I am building my website slowly but surely and will be putting more energy into that over the next year.
Of course this is a decision only you can make and everyone has to do what is right for them. Just remember your children are babies for a very very short time and in my opinion, if at all possible, you should focus on them and enjoy it while it lasts! The shows will be there next year too.
Best of luck and congratulations again!Paula Brown

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