Autumn’s Arrival

by Judy.
(La Verne, California USA)

While I work primarily in metals (wire, sheet, etc.), I’ve been in a bit of a rut and searching for another avenue of creative expression. I ran across a micro-macrame necklace project and decided to give it a try.


I’ve had a total 70’s flashback to all those jute plant hangars I made in high school (complete with remembering the sore fingers)! It seems to be like riding a bike, as my fingers remembered the knotting and I quickly got into a rhythm. I’m happy to say that today’s stringing materials are beautiful and easy to work with. I used Superlon 18 for this project, and it holds the knots wonderfully.

I’m forcing myself out of my design comfort zone (I love pattern and uniformity but feel the need to grow and be a bit more abstract), so I just pulled out a bunch of beads that I felt harmonized with each other and loaded them onto my project randomly. I then knotted them at various lengths and just kept on going until the piece felt “done.”

I’m loving this “new” technique and have 3 more pieces lined up on my board that I’m anxious to begin.

Sassy Wire at Etsy


sassy wire
by: Pauline

I love it. Good job getting out of your comfort zone. I’ve had a play doing macrame style bracelets. Loads of fun. I only wish I can sell some next week so I can make more!

by: Sassy Wire

Pauline–I think selling pieces is the bane of our existence!! We need to sell some so we can afford to make more–Circle of Life and all that :o)!

Beautiful Necklace!
by: Lorraine/Wired Orchid

This necklace is so pretty, Judy. I just got back from a trip to Maui, where this kind of macrame necklace and bracelet is really popular. Hopefully it’s a trend and you’ll sell many! I was thinking of making something with this technique for my husband and son for Christmas…thanks for the inspiration! Would you mind sharing where you found the necklace project that you first tried?

by: Sassy Wire

Glad you had a great trip!! I tried a project that I found at They have lots of new knotting projects–some free, some not. Thanks for the comments!

by: Anonymous

This is a very wearable necklace!

by: Sassy Wire

Thanks for the comments, Pauline. Good Luck with your selling!

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