Art Inspired Jewelry Display

by Divya N.

DSayuri: Art Inspired Jewelry Display1

When I created my Chithiram collection, (Chithiram meaning art, design or an image) which was art to wear jewelry inspired by the paintings of the great artist Raja Ravi Verma, I thought that the way I displayed them for sale should be artistic too.

I used prints of some of his paintings and glued them to frames to create instant paintings and used them as background, around which I placed pieces inspired by the painting.

Rings and brooches displayed on fresh leaves

Rings and brooches displayed on fresh leaves

Treasure chest - display

Treasure chest – display

To create an art to wear feeling, I filled some wooden jewel boxes with fabric and draped necklaces on them. I also draped necklaces around bronze figurines, frames for a kitschy Indian feeling as the collection was along the same lines. Apart from using regular neck forms I also made some women silhouettes from board to display necklaces and hairclips.

DSayuri: Art Inspired Jewelry Display 4

I also used fresh flowers, and  leaves to brighten up the display. I used printed captions to mark the pieces as the exhibition display and sale was shot for a Television programme and it turned out to be quite a success.

Divya N Sayuri

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