Antique Fireplace Screen Makes a Great Jewelry Display

by Nancy Rich.
(Boca Raton Fl.)

Fireplace screen front

I bought this fireplace screen from a thrift store for $6. It makes a perfect lightweight display for on top of a tabletop such as a card table.

Heavier objects are fastened by using a T-pin stuck into a cork on the reverse side of the screen.

Reverse side showing the corks

Push pins and thumbtacks will work well too if stuck into a cork.

Nancy Rich


Versatile Jewelry Display
by: Rena

It’s wonderful to have a vertical jewelry display that can be used for nearly any piece of jewelry in your inventory.

The T-pin and cork idea is brilliant! Thanks so much for showing the back view so we can see how that works.

Do you use weights on the fireplace screen’s feet so it can’t tip over if someone bumps it?

Thanks so much for sharing your display and photos with us, Nancy!

another idea
by: Kay

I use fireplace screens too. I use drapery hooks to hang my jewelry.

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