Amazonite in Matrix Pendant

by Barbara Jacquin.
(South of France)

I fell in love with the set of three stones and ordered it from an internet site. Sometimes this manner of purchasing is a leap of faith, but this order surprised me by the lovely colors mingling in the stones, obviously cut from the same piece of rough.

As usual, the stones spent some time on my work bench, chatting, bonding and doing who knows what else during the night. Since I don’t do stringing I realized I had to design a silver setting to enhance the pieces. The usual glass of wine mellowed my imagination and I began seeing…an angel with spread wings, a colorful bird, Jacob’s coat of many colors.

The three stones were crying to be set together, snuggling close, and I knew my decision was the right one. Luck was with me during the soldering steps and the result was a pendant that is smooth to the touch, weighty enough to feel part of the wearer, not at all afraid to show its backside, and striking to behold. Not for the faint hearted!

Barbara Jacquin
Barbara’s Bijoux

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