Am I Off To A Good Start?

by Kendall.
(San Diego, California USA)

question-mark-tan-on-red-grungeHi, I’m Kendall and I’m 13. I’ve been making jewelry since I was 9. I usually just sell my jewelry to my friends. My mom loves it too, she often buys it form me and shows it off to her friends.

I know my jewelry has potential and therefore I started an online store. Since i am still fairly young, I don’t want to invest too much money in the business. I use my own money for my beads and any other tools that way all the money I make is mine.

The website I used to make my website is because I have used it before and it is the easiest to use. It is also the cheapest. I just want tips for letting my business flourish. My being young works to my advantage because I can use a lot of social media to expand my shop. I would love some advise on how to advertise and things of the like.

Tazmanian Angel

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