All Metal Earrings

by Zoraida.
(Smyrna, New York USA)

Copper blossom earrings

Copper blossom earrings

More and more often I find myself creating jewelry using only metal.

Back of blossom earring

Back of blossom earring

Usually copper, but sometimes I like to mix brass, bronze, silver and/or steel in the design. Odd that I just realized I’m venturing more into working with metal and using beads and stones less.

Brass, copper and steel long flower earrings

Brass, copper and steel long flower earrings

Brass and copper coiled bangle

Brass and copper coiled bangle

I really like forcing that metal into organic, fluid like shapes. Perhaps one day I’ll attempt one of those really big sculptures and put it in my garden – really.


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  • zoraida says:

    Sorry, I should have titled this post – “All Metal Jewelry” since I threw in the bracelet.

  • Your metal work is beautiful, and I love your organic touches, Zoraida! I also love mixing metals, and you do it fabulously. Great idea to make a really big sculpture for your new garden – I hope you do it!

  • Irene says:

    Beautiful work. I especially love the flower earrings!

  • Mary Wong says:

    Love your work, Zoraida, especially your shaped flower earrings!

  • Robin Judd says:

    You do precision work Zoraida always a pleasure to see.

  • Sue Shade says:

    Zoraida this is beautiful work. I dabble just a bit in metal so I see your skill showing through in these pieces.

  • Diane Smith says:

    Zoraida, I am a huge fan of all of your work. There is a certain meticulousness to your art that stands out everytime. Continued kudos!

  • Stunning! I can’t choose to tell you which is my favorite piece, they are all unique and beautiful and show different techniques. Beautifully done!

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