Airship Pilot Wings

by Melissa Harris.
(Lake Worth, FL)

Airship Pilot Wings

I got inspired to make this by looking at the designs of other steampunk inspired jewelry.

I found that the pilot wings are a fun and variable creation. There is no limit to what design you can make with them.

Melissa Harris


Airship Pilot Wings
by: Rena

Cool steampunk adornment – and I like the mixed metals; they seem especially appropriate for steampunk styles. Perfect accessory for any airship pilot’s uniform! :o)

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  • Skye says:

    @Melissa Harris:
    That set of SP-inspired airship pilot wings is beautiful work!!
    Well done, ma’am!! If there is a way that I could order a set from you
    please let me know as I would love to purchase some.

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