Adorned Blue Jay Feathers

by Tamara Summers.
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

These beautiful blue feathers were gifts from my backyard. I also have collected up black bird and mourning dove feathers, which I haven’t made into jewellery yet.

The feathers are beautiful in themselves as jewellery supplies, but the thought has also crossed my mind that by making and selling jewellery from the feathers I find lying in my yard (no, I don’t chase them around trying to pluck them! :)), it can offset the cost of the feed I’m buying for them.

Kind of makes them self-supporting. My mind goes to funny places with that, like sending around a basket for anyone who hasn’t donated a feather lately. 😀

I process the feathers by freezing and thawing more than once to ensure that they are safe to use.

Once my feathers were ready to use, I started experimenting with them. They’re very long, about 5″ for the shorter ones that I made into earrings. I knew that if I wanted to do feather jewellery, I needed to find a way of working with them that was congruent with my style.

Eventually, because they had so much length to them, it seemed natural to me to start to adhere embellishments to the bottom of them. My last idea was to add some repurposed silver lace to the top. These were leaves, but here they look like feathers.

The striped feathers were too long for earrings, so I decided to make them into hair dangles.

I think these definitely represent my style now! I like the combination of natural with bling. And I have a wedding bouquet made up here with dark blue hydrangeas with crystals. It looks really cool with my feather jewellery, and it would be lovely for bridesmaids to wear these in their hair or as earrings, for a different, striking look.

Tamara Summers
Pink Pearls by Tamara

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