Adhesives for Attaching a Metal Tag to a Chalkboard?

by Michele R Trappe.

Adhesives for Attaching a Metal Tag to a Chalkboard?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Anyone know what to use to adhere a metal tag to a chalkboard?

I’ve tried using hi/lo temp glue, Gorilla glue, and E6000. Nothing works.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Michele R Trappe
Peppered Blessings

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  • Hi Michele! Could you punch a hole in your metal tag (if it doesn’t already have a hole), then drill the same size hole in the chalkboard, and rivet the metal and chalkboard together? That way you could avoid glue entirely.

  • Sarah A Small says:

    sand the place on the chalkboard where the tag will go first,


    You could actually get the magnetic chalkboard paint. That works really well. I have all kinds of magnets on my chalkboard.

  • Maryla says:

    I’ve had really good results with Loctite Go2 Glue. I’ve attaching a wide variety of materials: metal, wood, leather, china, and more. It has a gel consistency which is easy to use, dries clear, and is very durable. You can find it in any hardware store or big box store.

  • Bob A. DeMarcki says:

    Hello Michele,

    I have two recommendations I can offer. The first you would find at any Walmart or hardware store. It is a two part epoxy loaded into a double tube syringe. It is called “J B Weld.” There will be multiple kinds of “J B Weld on display. I would suggest you select the white, red and black package labeled “Clear Weld Quick Setting Epoxy – Strength 3200 psi – Set Time 5 minutes – Cures in Hours – Dries Clear.” The second item I would recommend is a product available through a gunsmith’s mail order supply company named Brownells. The product is called ACRAGLAS and is used to enhance accuracy & mold rifle barrels & actions into stocks. There are two types, regular and gel and I have used both with great results.. The regular will be a bit thicker than molasses and the gel is similar to the consistency of very thick soft serve ice cream. Both come with a release agent used to separate parts you do not want to stick together. Please use caution with the release agent.- I highly recommend that you be very serious about using the release agent as instructed. If the release agent is not used properly, whatever you have put together will stay together forever. You can read more about this product at
    I hope you are able to work out your problem. I look forward to hearing about your results. All the best – Bob

  • Michele Trappe says:

    Thank you to everyone who offered advice. Riveting or nailing is likely my route. Although other recommendations are saved for possible future use. When complete I will post pictures.

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