7) Acrylic Sign Holder for My Jewelry Booth Signs

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I’ve found that acrylic photo frames work wonderfully for my booth signs. They come in all sizes.

Using photo-frame acrylic sign holders “upside down” like this can make your signs more readable and more weather-proof.

These acrylic sign holders nest together in a nice, compact stack for storing and transporting without taking up much space.

They wipe clean very easily, and also protect your signs from rain, wind, and other art show hazards.

Whenever you need to change your signs, you can just slide the old sign out of the frame, and slip a new one into its place.

I create my display signs on my computer, print them out on ordinary white paper, and cut them apart to slip into my photo frames.

These are a great way to communicate with your customers and add a very professional touch to your booth.

I highly recommend using the same fonts and color scheme for all of your signs. The result is a very professional looking, cohesive booth!

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