A Two Toned Up Cycled Jewelry Display

by Crystal Williams.
(Chicago, Ill USA)

Black fabric compliments light items

This jewelry bust display was designed from a cardboard box and left over fabric pieces.

I took a black sharpie marker and drew the pattern, cut the piece out, and glued the fabrics of my choice on both sides of the board, very easy, however, you want make sure your edges are not unraveling.

lighter fabric compliments dark items

Finally, take a 12 inch piece of wire, 20 gauge or 24 inch, fold it, and twist it for extra strength. Make a hole in the middle of the neck and put the wire through.

This display gives you 2 looks to accommodate your various pieces also can be used to hang on your wall, great for scarves as well.

Crystal Williams


Love It!
by: Dawn Kruchoski

I have been trying to think of ways to cut back on my bust displays and I sell a lot of different styled necklaces – this is brilliant! I wouldn’t want it as large as this but it reminds me of the professional ones that are flat and cost a lot of money!

Thanks so much for bringing this great idea to this forum! I am definitely going to use this idea – if you are ok with this??

Dawn Kruchoski

dressed displays
by: Kaytee

You also can “dress” the cardboard displays in plain t-shirts or sweaters, for more versatility in backgrounds. A sqare of fabric can be tucked into the neck of the garment over the neck of the display.

I do this with commercial “torso” and large necklace display pieces– especially once they start to look scuffed and/or stained. It also gives a better idea how a necklace looks when worn.

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