A Study of Vessels Leads to Beads

by Delia Stone.
(Pensacola, FL)

Wire bead inspired by vessels

My wire work took me today off down a little rabbit hole today. As many of you know I have been studying and experimenting with the idea of wire vessels.

Copper wire and random pearls

It seemed natural to me when I was holding the domed lid for vessel number two in my hand to want to finish it off as a bead.

The lid looked like a half of a globe so it was easy to imagine it rounded out in the form of a bead. I was, therefore, compelled to create a wire bead today to satisfy that desire.

This is my first wire bead and it’s a little lopsided.

I was going for a random look with the pearls again, hoping that this attempt at random studs would be more appealing to me than my last attempt on vessel number two, but really I think I was happier with the studs on the vessel than I am with the ones on my bead.

First attempt to create a wire bead

Ahh well. There is plenty of time for experimentation and copper is abundant.

I will continue to play with it until I find the right feel that I’m going for.

This shot shows scale

That aside I am pleased with my first attempt to create a wire bead and full of ideas on how to make the next one better!

Delia Stone
Delia Stone’s Studio
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Gorgeous and interesting
by: Rena

Beautiful wire bead, Delia – your work is always exquisite.

I love the rows of carefully tiny wraps, the small pearls, and the oxidation.

I would have been torn between making it a bracelet element (as you did) or a pendant with some sort of drop / dangle.

Very lovely
by: Patricia C Vener

And also reminiscent of something mysterious and archeological. I like them a lot!

by: Rebecca Stone

What a fascinating idea, Delia! I love your little vessels. Nice work.

study little vessels
by: Kate

Who would have thought this study would lead to such pretty and interesting little vessels? They are so ey catching.

Thank you
by: Delia Stone

Thank you everyone! I appreicate your kind and encouraging comments. 🙂

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