A Strange Collection

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, CA)

I’ve been thinking about this particular challenge for several days. No firm ideas until I was emptying out a drawer and found two sets of “blousing springs” and one of my favorite watches from when I was teaching.

For anyone who might not be familiar with blousing springs they are used to blouse the bottom of pants legs so they fit snugly over the tops of combat boots.

My husband was in military police when we were in the Philippines and it was part required as a part of the uniform.

I’ve included several items from previous projects and they certainly make an eclectic collection.

The large green glass beads were used with one of my staple necklaces, the rainbow bead is left over from a bracelet, the guitar pick was from a pair of earrings and the brass polygon is a scrap from a stamping project. The spacers are links from a rolo chain.

This necklace may be too weird for some of you but is made completely from left over stuff.

Even though it isn’t a gorgeous work of jewelry art it was fun to make.

Nancy Vaughan



Necklace of Memories
by: Rena

I love this, Nancy! The odds and ends are all interesting and fun to identify, and each has its own story.

It’s like the necklace version of a quilt made from scraps of well-remembered clothes.

Or a wearable scrapbook recalling your teaching days, your husband’s military career, and the creative fun you’ve had on past jewelry projects.

I think this is a really cool necklace, and you did a great job of seeing the potential in all these odds and ends!

Thanks so much for participating in this Jewelry Challenge!

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