A Story of Pricing Validation

by Autumn Boutcher.
(United States)

Hi everyone! I did a show this weekend and having another one coming up. I’ve been brushing up on my JMJ posts, and have a story to tell.

Jems and  semi-precious stones in tha market Shop

Two women walked over during the show. I greeted them before leaving them alone to browse. One of the women played with a necklace letting it go and making a face.

I’m sure you’ve seen that expression. The “Are you SERIOUS?!” face, which is a combination of haughty disgust and self-righteous indignation. She flicked her eyes to me and then commented to her friend “not for $106!” Then she scoffed and gave me another horrible look.

I smiled and reminded her that tax was included in the price. I also commented that everything on the table was handcrafted by me, and if she considered the cost of time, the price made more sense. She gave me a third haughty expression before flouncing away.

I tried to be understanding and accept her attitude for what it was. But it really got to me.

Then a couple walked over and started browsing. The wife said “Finally, someone with decent prices.” She and her husband explained they had done the same show before, but had skipped it this year in favor of the state fair. We talked about pricing, value and ignorant customers for a little while before they left.

I mentioned during this conversation that I’d started out underpricing, but eventually realized the error. As I commented on my frustration, she said “You don’t have to explain anything to me. I understand perfectly what you’re talking about.

My husband makes wooden spoons and bowls. One woman said she wouldn’t buy a $20 spoon after we’d sold everything else we’d brought with us. He was busy making whistles to keep us stocked and was frustrated. He told her that he’d sold out of everything except those few spoons, and made all of it by hand.

“She later sent her friend to buy the spoon for her. We saw her point to us from a few booths down.”

You’re going to have people who demean the value of your work. And you’re going to have people who understand it. Two different vendors validated my prices and defense of them, something I desperately needed to hear. The woman who stormed away didn’t appreciate quality. That’s not the sort of customer I want owning my jewelry.

Autumn Boutcher
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