A Piece of Spring

by Rae Ann Bayless.
(Little Rock, Arkansas USA)

On my recent sojourn to Tucson for the Gem and Jewelry Shows, I became enamored with Moss Green Opals.

RBayless: A Piece of Spring 1

Out of all of the multitudes of stones, the Moss Green Opals were calling me this year. My eyes were drawn to them as they seemed to jump off the tables to me.

The small, faceted ovals used in this piece were some of the first beads I purchased on my first day of shopping – I bought the whole hank!

RBayless: A Piece of Spring 2

Later in the week I bought the larger, smooth ovals used in the piece as well. While I did not have a design in my head yet for these stones, I knew I wanted a light brown focal piece to use with the faceted ovals.

I never found what I was looking for in that perfect focal piece on my trip.

When unpacking my Tucson boxes after their arrival, the week following my trip, I fell in love with the Moss Green Opals all over again.

Turns out, I already had the perfect focal piece in my stash to complement the faceted opals – a beautiful piece of carved Jade. I paired the carved Jade with both the small and larger Moss Green Opals to make this unique, one-of-a-kind necklace.

The Moss Green Opals – the first beads bought at Tucson this year, the first beads used out of the boxes and the first piece of Rae Ann Creations Spring 2015.

Rae Ann Bayless
Rae Ann Creations
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