A Knitted Wire Valentine

by Dita Basu.
(Walnut Creek, California USA)

Valentine Heart Bookmark

Valentine Heart Bookmark

I love to knit and I love to make jewelry. So one Christmas when I received a book about knitting with beads I went crazy. My journey experimenting knitting designs using wire started.

I found several books on this topic in the book stores and in the library and through the process over time I made some designs that are originally mine.

This knitted heart book mark with garnet gemstone beads is one of those. I made a heart pendant for necklace too but did not photograph it yet. But this is a nice little some thing for Valentine.

Dita Basu

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  • Vickie Jo says:

    Great Article!
    One day when I was at the hospital having some tests done I wandered into the hospital gift shop.
    Upon seeing the jewelry that was displayed I kept telling my husband, “I make jewelry just like this” and “My jewelry is nicer looking then what I see here.” So, I asked the woman behind the counter if the shop was owned by the hospital, she said “no, I own the gift shop” Without missing a beat, I asked her how much of the jewelry sells and if I could bring in a few of my items in for her to look at and she said yes she would glady look at my jewelry and I she was open for consideration. Now mind you, this was just before Christmas and things got so busy that I never made it back, ( I know, I probably missed out on a good thing.)
    So…..I’m telling those who read the comments, stop by the hospital gift shop, look around, see if you have jewelry that they don’t have or that you can offer something simular but for a better price.
    You may have exactly what they are looking for! Goooooooo Get’em…..

  • Lynda says:

    This Valentine bookmark is a perfect gift idea. And your knitted heart is so sweet. Not everyone is into jewelry, so the bookmark is a great way to branch out your inventory.

  • gretchen says:

    just a thought here… when you make the next bookmark, I’d measure it out and make it long enough to do double duty as a bracelet, just add a simple hook. That way you could wear it while you are reading, then put it back in the book to hold your spot.
    happy beading ~

  • Dita says:

    Thank you, Gretchen, That’s a great idea that I’ll incorporate. I was thinking of extending it to a necklace size, but the bracelet idea is even better and meaningful.

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