A Jewelry Care Tip for Your Customers (Video)

Jewelry and Coffee with Rena
Video Episode 32

by Rena Klingenberg.

Many people store their jewelry in the bathroom so it’s handy when they’re getting ready for the day. But is that a good place for jewelry?

Transcript of This Video:

Many people store their jewelry in the bathroom.

That way it’s handy while they’re getting dressed, doing their hair and makeup, and also there’s a convenient mirror in the bathroom.

However, the bathroom is probably the worst room in the house to store your jewelry.

First of all, the environment in the bathroom – it’s humid, steamy, it’s hot, then cold.

These conditions not only make metals tarnish faster, but they can also damage some jewelry components.

Also, personal care products that are used in bathrooms are damaging to jewelry.

Hair styling products, perfume, and any product you spray can also damage jewelry or build up a residue on it.

And the final danger to jewelry that’s stored in a bathroom is the risk of falling down the drain. And even if the piece of jewelry survives falling down the drain, it may not survive being pulled back out again.

So if you have friends or customers who store their jewelry in the bathroom, let them know that the best place to store jewelry is NOT the bathroom – but where the jewelry can stay dry, have stable temperatures, and avoid exposure to sprays, products, or airborne grease or gunk.

I’d love to hear how you store the jewelry you wear! Thanks for stopping by today, and I’ll see you soon.

A Jewelry Care Tip for Your Customers, by Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Making Journal

The Jewelry Rena’s Wearing
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Cornflower and Yellow Jewelry Set by Rena Klingenberg

Earrings: Czech glass and sterling silver, by Rena Klingenberg.

Necklace: Czech glass and sterling silver, by Rena Klingenberg. This necklace also features my handmade coil crimp covers (see the crimp coil tutorial) and egg-oxidized chain (see the egg oxidizing tutorial).

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  • Felicia says:

    I am always telling people that the bathroom is the worst place to leave your jewelry and yet it is where I find a lot of my jewelry ending up. So I found a lovely glass container with a nice tight lid and now I at least throw my jewelry in there. I try my best to keep it in my bedroom but at least having a way to cover it keeps it from getting any perfume or hairspray on it which are some of the most damaging products that jewelry encounters on a daily basis.

    I am often surprised by how little people know about jewelry care and cleaning. On top of running my business I work at a large jewelry retailer and I am constantly having to teach people things I thought everyone knew, like pearls can not be worn while showering and that opal and emeralds are very soft stones and are prone to breaking. I feel that everyone who sells jewelry should offer up some kind of care info, whether it be a printed card with instructions on how to clean and care for jewelry or just simply word of mouth cautions to be careful with your hair products and perfume around jewelry. Warning customers also lets them know that it is now their responsibility to maintain the jewelry, which can keep people from coming back and complaining that they “only wore the piece once and now its all yucky and tarnished”

  • Renee says:

    To me it is only common sense that you wouldn’t store jewelry in the bathroom, but obviously this isn’t so.
    Along with the reasons Rena pointed out there is even a bigger reason in my opinion. Germs, the bathroom is contaminated with germs and nasty bacteria, now do you want that ear wire coated with bacteria going into your ear?

    We tend to handle our jewelry even after putting it on and that spreads the “nasties” to more surfaces. Transferring it to our babies and others as we go through our day.

    I include care instructions with all my pieces and recommend they store each piece separately in the zip lock bag I have placed it in in the gift box. I rarely hang my necklaces because of the stress it places on the necklace or bracelet, why hang a piece in an unnatural way?

    Plus I don’t want to have to clean a piece again before I can wear it. I clean them when I take them off then place in baggie ready to wear again.

  • Karen Watson says:

    I keep some of my earrings and rings in a 7 day plastic medicine container. I also have flat plastic containers that were made for paper projects for people who make cards. They are acid-free, and therefore will keep the jewelry from tarnishing as quickly.

  • Jocelyn says:

    I store my jewelry in the bedroom which works great for me when I’m getting ready to go out. I can choose a piece that looks great with my outfit. I also made my jewelry a great display on the wall. I bought a wooden fold out hanger that comes with 6-8 pegs. I painted it a color that goes in my room and put it on a wall where I can see it all the time. It makes me happy to see my beautiful creations hanging up. ( the cats can’t get it here either!)

  • Arlene says:

    I frequently give my customers their purchases in a plastic zip bag. I tell them to keep a small amount of air in it to act as a cushion for other jewelry to bump against without chipping or scratching the just purchased piece…which protects it completely. Yes, it takes up a little more room, but the jewelry stays protected and undamaged.

  • Tina Jensen says:

    I too am guilty of keeping my jewellery in the bathroom where it is most convenient, but I go to some lengths to protect it. Each piece or set is in its own mini ziplock bag (found at dollar stores), and then stored in one of those shallow plastic drawer sets, inside which I placed plastic divided boxes (also at dollar stores or Walmart) with the lids removed, to create compartments in the drawers. Sterling pieces also have a square of anti-tarnish paper in their zippy, and my earrings are organized by colour in the drawers. (Yeah, I’m a little OCD, but I also hate having to clean my jewellery, and I’ve made so many earrings now that keeping them organized is crucial if I ever want to find them.) I always put on my jewellery last, long after the hairspray and perfume have dissipated (I do those early in my routine, with the exhaust fan on, to help with that). Finally, I only hang fine gold chains which tend to get tangled -on a cuphook inside my medicine cabinet.
    As a caution, I tell all my friends and customers to beware of mixing sterling silver and chlorinated water – a lesson I learned myself a few years ago, when my new sterling “slipper” (flip-flop) charm turned black in the hottub on my Hawaiian cruise!

  • Barbara Herndon says:

    I’ve had for many years, a little plastic parts cabinet with only nine little pull-out drawers. It holds my earrings by color group and is always handy in my bedroom. Necklaces are stored in one of those standing jewelry boxes my children gave me years ago.

  • Susan Turner says:

    I have a wonderful large mirrored cabinet on a stand in my bedroom, it is coated on the inside with a black material which is to protect my jewelry, it has separate compartments for individual items, necklaces, ear rings, rings etc. It has been wonderful, no tarnished items. On making my own jewelry I have notice in time that some of the silver plated has tarnished even though I have placed anti tarnish squares with them in the pockets, realising that it is my hands that might be causing the tarnish, lesson learnt. So this is an indication also for telling my customers to keep the items clean. Great tips from the ladies above. Thank you.

  • Nancy G says:

    I have every book of Rena’s and e-books she offers. She’s the best and helps me keep my chin up. Thank you. Rena and everyone’s great sharing.

  • Thank you, Nancy! That’s so lovely to hear. And thanks for the comments you post here the JMJ community. Wishing you all the best as you continue on your jewelry journey! πŸ™‚

  • If you don’ have the anti tarnish strips,think about using those little dessicant packets that come with new shoes and many other items to prevent moisture from damaging the article they’re packed with. I’ve found these to be effective and suggest these to my customers too.

  • Betsy (Yindala Designs) says:

    Hi Rena and others. Firstly I want to tell you how lovely I think your jewelry is in this photo. The colors are something that go so well together and I’m always surprised at how so many can’t figure that out – they just know it looks wonderful.
    Secondly, I’m very curious as to the darkened pieces you often use. I find them interesting and it never occurred to me. Can you please tell what they are and how they are darkened. (This may seem inane, but I just don’t know.)

    Thirdly, right now my jewelry is scattered (after a horrid move trying to get three households into one small house. There are still boxes everywhere. But as far as storing jewelry, I’ve kept this practice up for decades and it works, oddly enough.

    When I put ss in a tight container, I add a piece of chalk. Twenty years later it looks like new. I suppose the chalk absorbs the moisture.
    I did put a lot of ss wire into a cardboard box with chalk but the box didn’t close well. The pieces all tarnished.
    When I do shows again, my plan is to write up a small instructions card to put into the bag or box explaining this fact. Along with it I will give them each a small piece of chalk (one in half) with a small blue ribbon around it. It’s a nice little gift, cost little, and will help them. But the main thing is to use a contained that snap/closes tightly.
    I hope this is helpful to even one person.

  • Sue E Wells says:

    I have a wall in my bedroom of different size thin shadow boxes that open from the front. I hang all of my jewelry using small u-shaped pins. All pieces of jewelry hang over the pins. I also put pieces of chalk in each box. Makes a beautiful, decorative wall and easy to find pieces. I have 6 various sizes and colors framed boxes.

  • Sue, I love jewelry storage ideas where the storage system itself is also artistic and interesting! Thanks for sharing this great idea. πŸ™‚

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