A Blessing In Disguise

by Vicki Noll Corwin.

Working In My Studio

I have always been involved in some kind of arts and crafts, and had owned my own porcelain doll business, where I taught classes and poured my own molds.

It was successful, but a divorce forced me into a smaller home, and one income, so I had to move on.

I started dabbling in jewelry, and found out I had a great love for wire wrapping.

I bought a few tapes and started selling a little jewelry, on the side.

I went to work full time for a daycare, (mind you I am 58 years old now) – I know, “Crazy”, but none the less I liked it!

I had planned to stay there until I retired. I even went back to school to get my Early Childhood Development Associate.

After 12 years of being a pre-school teacher, in the same place of business, “The doors” closed, they could not keep going with the economy crunch.

“I was devastated!”

Out of work at my age, and on unemployment for the first time in my life!

I walked around for days, pretty depressed.

My husband said: “Why don’t you just draw your unemployment for awhile and try to get your jewelry going?”

“What?” I couldn’t do that!

Well I decided, with some guilt, to do that.

I worked on a website for several weeks. I worked about, fourteen hours a day, got one built, and of course nothing really became of it.

Then I discovered Etsy! The rest is history!

I have three etsy shops. I love it, and they have been successful.

It did not come overnight, and it was not easy.

There were many, many, long hours, but it has been a dream come true.

Losing my job, has been a “Blessing In Disguise”.

Vicki Noll Corwin

Jewelry by Vicki
Vicki’s Vintage Lane


Wonderful outcome
by: Rena

Vicki, it’s wonderful to read your story and see how one thing led to another on your creative journey.

Also, kudos to your husband for being so supportive and caring to encourage you in your dream.

How fortunate you were to lose your job so you could be free to do your own thing!

Keep up the great work – your jewelry is beautiful.

Thank you Rena
by: Vicki Noll Corwin

Thank you Rena, I so appreciate you publishing my story. It is an honor.

Is Etsy the way to go?
by: Jay

Hi Vicki,
I loved your inspirational story! I checked out your site on etsy and see that you do beautiful work. I do have a few questions. I am wondering if it is difficult to put together a site on Etsy? I have my own website that I paid someone to design but find that it takes so much work to get trafic to the site. Do you think it might be any easier with Etsy? Also, the average price for one of my pieces is $60, do you think that the less expensive pieces will sell quicker? Just wondering what you think?

encouragement and hard work
by: Glenda Munguia

Hi Vicki,

Thank you for sharing your story. Working 14 hours a day I am sure was not easy, and I am glad you pointed out that your success was a lot of hard work coupled with the right venue for your jewelry. I think a lot of us look for a site that will make everything sell, but it is really the work we put into it what will show through the right outlet.

You could have also given out after the first failed attempt, but I am glad you persevered!


re price
by: Vicki

Plenty of people sell there jewelry for $60.00 and up, I choose the middle of the road. I seem to have a more steady income that way. My favorite saying is:
“I would rather make a nickel a day then a dime on Sunday”!
If you understand what I mean?

Thank you
by: Vicki

Thank you Glenda, Never give up,if you want a dream to come true! I have a long ways to go before my goal, but I know it is possible. I love hearing from people such as yourself, it always helps to hear nice comments. Thank You

Your story is inspiring!
by: Kit Cat

Hi Vicki…your story truly is a blessing to all of us jewelry designers! I too lost my job not to long ago and although I have found another one, need the extra income from jewelry sales to keep afloat. I’m very enthueused to hear about your success with Etsy! Keep up the good work…you are in inspiration to us all!

By the way..although I live in Dallas now, I’m from right down the road from you in Manhattan, KS!

Way to go, Vicki!!!
by: Anonymous

This is the BEST post I ever read on Rena’s site. Now THIS is an inspiring story because it is about a real person, doing really beautiful things who does not need to boast.

Vicki – You are honorable.

You have inspired me greatly. Thanks Rena, for posting this. Vicki, can you please tell me the best way to get started with Etsy? I have a great digital camera, but do not have an audience as I have been quite sick, and too tired to do shows, or travel. My items are priced between $10 to $400 and all handmade jewelry.

I just need to get started! Any ideas on a realistic goal for now, before I start chemo? I am very excited to get going!!! Thanks so much, Vicki. I wish you continued success. May even be buying some of your pendants!

A blessing In Disguise
by: Designs by Love

You go Vicki, your jewelry is beautiful! You’re right, being fired was a blessing that launched you into your Divine calling!

God bless you!

by: Miss Ladysmith

Your wire wrapped rings are fantastic, so beautiful – I’m amazed you don’t sell your pieces for more, as they look like a lot of time has gone into every piece!
Love your wire wrapped pendants too!

If I manage to wire wrap to even half the level you have shown I’ll be happy!!

Very inspiring work!

Blessing in Disguise
by: Elizabeth


As I have told you, you are a true inspiration to me! Your title did not startle me at all! It was so lovely! If you google me, you’ll see the same title I have used throughout my RA blogs – a chronic and debilitating disease that has left me disabled and house-bound indeed turned into a Blessing in Disguise. It is so beautiful to see that you too, can look at life with a positive outlook, and NEVER give up.

I LOVE your spirit Vicki, and don’t forget: great minds think alike! Keep up the beautiful work! I love Rena’s site so much, as it makes me feel like I am part of a bigger whole! Thank you, Vicki!

My best,

Elizabeth Wald

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