6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain

by Rena Klingenberg.

6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

I recently discovered that a 5-foot (152.4 cm) long chain is a cool and versatile accessory.

Here it is, all 60 inches, coiled up:

60 Inch Chain - 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

I’m going to share 6 ways I’ve discovered to wear this chain.

But first . . . .

Why This Unique Chain
Was Created

A dozen years ago I had a ton of small cabochons, and I wanted an easy way to make simple earrings with them without having to wire-wrap them.

So I ordered a HUGE mixed lot of small “wrap-tite” settings for my cabs.

Here’s what some of my wrap-tites look like:

Wrap-Tites for 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

However, I wound up changing my mind about making earrings with the cabochons.

So I put the wrap-tites away unused, and totally forgot about them for several years.

Then a few weeks ago I came across my bulk supply of wrap-tites again.

I immediately saw their potential as links for a unique chain.

So I combined them with a huge collection of these odds-and-ends jump rings from a jewelry supply stash I inherited from my Grandmother:

Jump Rings - 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

. . . and while watching a movie at home, I turned the wrap-tites and jump rings into a single chain that grew and grew until it reached 5 feet long.

The links are random sizes and shapes because of the assorted wrap-tites:

Chain Strands - 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

Now here are 6 ways I’ve discovered to wear a chain like this:

1.) As a Long Double-Strand Necklace

This is a lovely look, and very lightweight thanks to the large, airy links!

Double-Strand Necklace - 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

2.) As a 4-Strand Choker

The random link sizes make this interesting and lively, and I like to adjust the four strands so that all of them can be seen.

Four-Strand Choker - 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

3.) As a Chain Scarf

Wrap the chain twice around your neck and let the long ends hang down in the front, scarf style!

Chain Scarf - 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

4.) As a Lariat Necklace

Fold the chain in half, and wrap it around your neck.

Then pass the two chain ends through the folded chain (basically making a larks-head knot) – and let the long ends hang down artistically.

Lariat Necklace - 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

5.) As a Chain Belt

Wrap the chain once around your waist and leave the two long ends hanging down.

Or fold the chain in half and fasten it around your waist with just a small end hanging down.

Chain Belt - 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

6.) As a Groovy Wrap Bracelet

Wrap the chain around your wrist several times – and the result looks like it was inspired by chain maille.

Multi-Strand Bracelet - 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

7.) Bonus! Matching Earrings

I saved out two wrap-tites and two jump rings to make a pair of earrings.

I hung them on earwires from another long-ago bulk buy that I’m still trying to use up!

Earrings for 6 Ways to Wear a 5-Foot Long Chain - by Rena Klingenberg

Ways to Make Your Own
Super-Long Chain

I encourage you to make a dramatically long chain for yourself, and enjoy all the interesting ways you can wear it.

Here are some easy ways you can make a long chain:

  • Get (or make) a variety of jump rings and link them together.
  • Link together some standard-length chains (16″, 18″, etc.).
  • Cut up several standard-length chains with different link designs; attach small strips of the chains together in random order.
  • Cut a really long piece from a bulk roll of chain.
  • Save up your leftover chain scraps from various jewelry projects and connect them together.
  • Turn some of your leftover wire scraps into various types of links and join them together.
  • Use jump rings to link together a variety of rubber O-rings.
  • When your local craft store / bead shop has a sale or coupon, go in and see what they have that you can put together into a chain.

How Else Could You Wear a
5-Foot Long Chain?

I’d love to hear your ideas on more ways to wear this versatile accessory!


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  • Sheila Meador says:

    These are great ideas, and I will experiment with chain in 2014. I loved making a bracelet and charms from scratch, so I am sure I would have fun with a long chain. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  • arlyne says:

    So creative! And so stylish!

  • Joyce says:

    I recently made a “chain” of freshwater pearls interspersed with 4 mm Swarovski bicone crystals and decided to keep going until it is @ 68-70 inches long. It is indeed very versatile, but you give me even more ideas! Thanks as always for your creative suggestions.

  • Ruth Brickley says:

    Outstanding! The combination of all those shapes absolutely works!

  • Kim says:

    Very creative. I always remember my mom wearing long chains in different ways. This may be one I have to try!

  • Marty says:

    What a fabulous piece, it becomes a whole wardrobe all by itself. Hugs, Marty

  • Lisa Curcio says:

    I’m so glad I found you. I have a chain, that I love, but I rarely wear it because it’s too long for some of the outfits I want to pair it with. This helps me a LOT! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • Tirabaralla says:

    Really cool ideas, thank you for sharing them, i do like long and extra-long necklaces, although sometimes they are abit hard to wear well, thanks again!

  • carolyn says:

    I love how you repurposed the wrap tites, the chain looks so great!

  • Cynthia says:

    These are great ideas! I really like the wrap bracelet.

  • The Quintessential Magpie says:

    Soooooooo clever! I need to try this!



  • Linda says:

    Super clever ideas!

  • Heather says:

    This is really pretty and and great ideas!

  • This is a great example of using what you have to make something spectacular; and so versatile, too!

  • Carmody says:

    You are super clever! I really enjoyed this post.

  • Jenn says:

    This is so awesome, I love using things around the house…especially things I’ve been meaning to use for a while.

  • Barb says:

    Love it, especially the bracelet. Thanks for sharing!

  • You are amazingly creative – you go girl! Thanks for sharing.

  • Shelly says:

    What a great tutorial! Gives everyone ideas as to how many ways to use 1 chain!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sara says:

    Great ideas, thanks so much for sharing them with us! My favorite is the vase!

  • Kristina says:

    So simple and creative, yet I would not have thought of it.

  • Bethany K says:

    I like #4 the best. It’s something I could see with a really fancy night-out dress. Not that I own one of those dresses or ever go out (we have a baby). BUT it looks super fancy!

    Either way, the important thing is using ONE thing to have so many uses. In this society, it’s like, “I need a chain belt,” so let me go buy one. “I need a short necklace,” so let me go buy one. I need this or that, so let me get one. Often, you can just be creative with what you already own.

    Are you familiar with the segment in Real Simple magazine called “New Uses For Old Things”? They take an everyday object and show you 6+ ways to reuse it. I love it.

  • Thanks, Rena, you’ve inspired me. I have everything from vintage chain to chain scraps & more. What fun it will be to put them all together!

    Many thanks!

  • Jan C Aynes says:

    That looks like it was fun! So airy and light. 🙂

  • Margo says:

    We could wear it as a beautiful head piece draped on our head and add a cab that hangs/rests on the forehead as the beautiful Indian women do.

  • Great idea, Margo! Thanks for adding that possibility to this list! 🙂

  • Gabi says:

    Hi, Rena!
    I love all your ideas!
    I am a “child of the 60s”, so I am tempted to add a tassel to the chain,or any pendant (attached with a small “lobster claw”). Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Gabi, thank you so much for your kind comment. And yes, yes, a tassel or pendant would be a wonderful addition to the chain! 🙂

  • Glenda Snailham says:

    I loved the idea of different style links it opens so many ideas I would slip some gems in to had colour thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

  • Alethia Robertson says:

    This chain is great: Joyce, where did you get fresh water pearls to buy? Cant find any here in Jamaica reasonable and I need a few to complete a necklace.

  • >