6 in 1 Link Gothic Choker

by Kris.
(Ontario, Canada)

For this particular piece, I used bronze and black colored enameled copper wire.

This is a soft copper wire that is coated in a layer of colored enamel.

The coating is flexible and durable and the wire while flexible enough to work with easily holds its shape.

I used a tight 6 in 1 link which creates a solid yet flexible weave for the neck band and embellished it with glass beads and chains.

I hand wind and hand cut all the rings I use.

Making my own rings is time consuming but gives me more flexibility in choice of size and color and also makes each piece that much more unique.

I have been making jewelry for a few years now for family and friends but have only recently begun to sell them.

Please check out more of my work:

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Gothically Gorgeous
by: Rena

Wow! Incredible chainmaille piece, Kris.

The color mix, the Victorian-ness, the draped sections of chain, the center bead drop . . . it all comes together so fantastically.

This choker is really a show-stopper! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Great Piece!
by: Melody

I so wish I had a neck that would show off pieces like this! The combination of colour and techniques works really well, and the design is balanced and pretty. I love how it is possible to make chain maille look really feminine. Great work, and all the best with selling.

Thank you
by: Kris

Thanks so much for the nice comments. Having such positive feedback like that is very helpful. I am very shy and because I am just starting out and until now it was just a fun hobby, I don’t have a lot of self confidence. The positive feedback helps to push me to be more assertive and get out there displaying and selling my pieces. Again, thank you. It is very much appreciated.

by: Patricia V.

I love it! How cool. I’ve been dabbling with chain maille on and off the past year but your designs have really made me want to keep working at it. So Amazing! I commend you on making your own jump rings. I did that once for a necklace and it took a long time. Keep up the good work!

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