2014 Full Moon

by Poppy Johal.
(El Cerrito, California USA)

The delicate design for this simple necklace was inspired by the full moon!

PJohal: 2014 Full Moon 1

Simply took a 16 gauge silver plated wire, wrapped it around a pill bottle to get the perfect circle. Originally, I had thought of cutting the wires and not overlapping them. But the effect looked quite nice.

After I made the circle I hammered it flat to desired thickness. First I thought of stringing double strands of beads to it but they overwhelmed the design. So, decided to go with leftover deerskin leather ¼” wide. Wrapped the leather with 24 gauge silver wire on one end and attached silver cord end on the other side for chain and clasp.

PJohal: 2014 Full Moon 2

The leather was sliding out of the open overlapping ends so I wrapped another 24 gauge silver wire to hold it in place.

The length of this necklace ended up being 17” including the chain and leather lace.

Poppy Johal
Golden Poppy Jewelry at Etsy

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