1980’s Inspired Barefoot Sandal

by Paula Hisel.
(Nicholasville, KY)


Inspired by Bon Jovi’s “Diamond Ring”

I joined a group called Beaders without Borders and periodically we have a jewelry swap. The theme of our current swap was barefoot sandals.

It was inspired by 1980’s rock (Bon Jovi in particular).

Each sandal has over 90 unique beads that are attached to a silver chain. I also included pewter heart and lock charms to give it that heartbroken rocker lock.

This was my first barefoot sandal and I am very proud of how it turned out.

Paula Hisel
Simply Beadiful
Simply Beadiful on etsy



barefoot sandal
by: Kate

Yours are so colourful and carefree looking. Just right for the beach. Ive wanted to make some of these for a long time, this will spur me on.

Great barefoot sandal design
by: Rena

I love it! 1980’s rock is nostalgic now, and I love how you used it as a design theme. Great charms and dangles, and I love the colors.

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