Is Jewelry Making an Art Form? What Do YOU Think?

by Karen.

Is jewelry making considered an art?

I am asking this question and would love to hear what others think because, I am a jewelry maker and I am part of a local art co-op.

I had another artist (oil painter) that isn’t part of the art co-op say to me that jewelry is not considered art and that I would never be allowed to participate in a gallery show at the competing artist guild in town.

I was so offended by this comment and her arrogance; particularly since this artist guild offers classes in jewelry making (many of which I have taught for them) and I have sat on their Board of Directors.

I feel like they wanted my time, talent and money but if they were not going to support all forms of art why be a member of the artist guild. I would love to hear what you have to say. . . do you consider jewelry making an art?


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