Vista Print Caution

by Kimberly.
(Bakersfield, CA)

I had ordered a bunch of business cards from Vista Print, after spending a couple of hours designing my cards front and back. I thought it was such a good deal to get all those cards for free and to only pay shipping, what a deal – right?

WRONG! They were printed and shipped to me, and I thought they looked great, only to turn them over and find “” printed on the bottom of every business card! The cards are supposed to help ME advertise MY business, not theirs!

I was very disappointed and just went to Office Depot and got a box of 500 business cards for 20 dollars instead.

I learned that free means there is always a catch somewhere, and it’s not always just the paying for the shipping.



my order of vista print
by: Anonymous

I order cards from Vista Print. What you need to do is get something printed on both sides. It is still not that expensive, and they do not put there advertisement on the back. This is fabulous. You could put something on the back about hosting a party, or whatever.

On the Back of Your Business Cards
by: Rena

Good idea – I print jewelry care instructions on the back of my cards.

A jewelry artist friend has several thumbnail photos of her earrings on the back of her cards.

You could also print party hostess benefits (as Anonymous suggested above), testimonials, a birthstone or anniversary stone chart, etc.

Vista print
by: glassgirl

My business cards are also fro Vista Print. They are TOTALLY blank on the back. What’s up with you folks. I’ve been using them for years.

Get what you pay for….
by: Lorian

The ones with the ads are free…if you get on their mailing list….you will get emails with links SEVERAL times a month with all kinds of free “non free quality” products!

Sometimes you have to wait a week….but you will eventually get an email with free deluxe cards….sometimes free color back….sometimes free upload of your logo…sometimes all three!

I have gotten emails where I ordered my biz cards, magnets, mailing labels, postcards, car sign and they were ALL deluxe…all free…just paid $12.50 postage.

I might get a bunch of spam from being on their list…who can tell where it comes from…but it is worth every penny!

I just placed an order today and got over $58 worth of products free..including a t-shirt and hat!

vista print
by: Sharon

I have been useing them for years and there is nothing on any post cards or bussiness cards I have ordered. I have been useing them for all my needs. When I did order from them the fist time there was to add on the back.

by: Dee

I, too, have used vistaprint numerous times. If you don’t preview both sides carefully, you may miss the faint “” on the lower right hand side of the back. You can delete it, though, even with free postcards or business cards.

Cheap Publicity
by: Karen

I use Vistaprint’s “free” 100 postcard offer (it appears quite often)to publicize my next show date. I upload a picture of one of my creations and print the date and location of my next show and simply pay shipping. A quick and easy way to create my mailing.

I’m with Lorian
by: Mrs G

I’ve been dealing with Vista Print for over a year and only once did I have a Visa Print logo on the back of my cards, and I new it would be there. I love everything I have received and am thankful that their more than affordable prices help me promote my business on a shoestring budget. Not to mention they do the real work for you. Their design selections are vast and updated frequently. They if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can upload your own artwork or you can leave comments requesting more selections in a catagory or style and they desin some!

I just placed an order which included 500 business cards for FREE with no advertising on the back. My total was just over $100 for a $14.14 shipping charge. Use your imagination because the cards can be cleard of sample text and you can create a multitude of resourceful items. For example gift certificates, event advertising, discount coupons, earring cards, and my list goes on. Once your on their mailing list it won’t be long before just the right deal will to come to you.

I say give it a try. I haven’t been disappointed.

I like Vista Print
by: WiredStones

I use their free premium business cards, the postcards, the T-Shirts… I even have a window decal, and for the most part, I don’t pay for anything but shipping, or the second side edits of most of the products I order. I usually get two or three email a day from them, but to me, it’s less annoying to receive those offers when I don’t need them, than to not receive them when I *do* need to order something, and end up paying full price for them.

LOVE, LOVE ViastPrint!
by: Kimberlee

I have been using VistaPrint for years – and LOVE them! When you design your cards, etc. you can delete the vistaprint logo.

I uploaded my own logo (during a time when the upload was free),and use the business cards for lots of things like:
* My business card (of course!) 🙂
* My earring card (printed vertically)
* Earring cards for my childrens earrings – I order the card with my design centred on each half. I print the cards horizontally, then when the arrive use a paper cutter to cut the card in half. Two earring cards from one business card (fits perfectly in 3.5×5 organza bags!)
* Gift cards – print horizontally with my logo centred on one side, and my website on the bottom of the other. Score, then fold them in half, and you have beautiful gift cards that I attach with the ribbon around my gift boxes.
* Several other uses… but I’m running out of room!

(And, you should see what I do with their free standard postcards and oversize postcards!:-)

Get what you pay for…worth every penny!
by: Tesori Trovati

As mentioned, you don’t pay much for the high quality printing from Vista Print. Occasionally, I have noticed that the back side has that faint web address, but I am not bothered by it. I promote their business to others all the time, and if the cards are mostly free, then I don’t really mind that little inconvenience at all. I have written an article about making earring cards from their free postcards. Only one of the corners has it, so only 25% of the earring cards I make have that. I agree that it should be up front, not in fine print, but it is very small and gray, not very noticeable. I am cheered to find that there are so many who see the value of Vista Print’s services. I too just got a free t-shirt and it is great! I can wear it to an event if I choose to help publicize my name. I have had issues in the past with the printing, like colors between boxes inconsistent or a double image in printing, but every time they have reprinted the entire order at their own cost. Bottom line…you get what you pay for and for the small price it is worth every penny to have control over your design and high quality printing!

Vista Print
by: Bev

I’ve used Vista Print several time. Once they were good but I was dissapointed the second time. The problem was partly my fault but everything was blurry. It looked OK on my computer monitor but not in print. (The partly my fault part).
I have been using and been very satisfied. The reason is their customer service. They give a free file check for anything that will not print well. This is especially helpful with pictures. Maybe I should say my pictures. They too offer specials.

Vista Print Follower
by: Villain Accessories

I have used vista print for 5 years. Not only have I not had any major issues with them, every time I have had an issue I have gotten a credit for the purchase and still gotten my order, with no issues from them. I agree you do need to look over every detail, and when in doubt I call them and have them move every little tiny letter or spacing or what ever I want, and I get to proof it before the order. and the bonus, if its not what I wanted I can call, and they will credit my account and I get to re-order with a credit. I love them.

Added charges to your credit card – beware
by: Anonymous

Beware if you order from Vista Prints and use a credit or debit card.

I ordered cards from Vistaprints. They were great, high quality and I was very pleased. When I placed my order I was aslked to fill out a questionaire and I would receive a percentage off my next order. I did so.

A couple of months went buy and I noticed on my credit card a monthly reoccuring charge of 29.99. There was no company name to identify the charges only a phone number. The amount was small enough it did not ring any bells until after a few months.

I called the number and it turned out to be vista prints. Apparently I had signed up for some type of membership and those were my monthly fees. I immediately cancelled.

I very innocently thought that was the end of that but the following month I noticed another charge for the same amount with another number as a reference. I called and it was vista prints again. After threatening to sue them, I was reimbursed for the charge.

I love Vista print
by: Misha

Hi ,
I have got some incredible deals with vista print. I just dont get the free one the first time and spent around $20 including shipping, then they sent me offers to get Premium business cards for free and so much more for free, t-shirt with my business name, brochures, post card, memo ppads, car magnet, address labels, caleder with pictures, post-its, personalized stationary cards and much more. Yes the emails r annoying but you can filter them and use them when you are ready. I love Vista print, you design your own and take all the time you need. 🙂

Vista Print
by: Kathy

The last few times Ive ordered cards from them
that wasnt printed on the back or anywhere.

Vista print…
by: Jamie

I’ve used them for years and never had a problem. I’ve always known they would print their address on the back. It said it on the site in plain site before I ever placed my first order. This was a long time ago. Now I get the back printed with a discount incentive. Each purchase entitles you to a stampped box, when the card is full you get 20% off your total purchase. Never had a problem with them. Their quality is much better then alot of their competition. I found that out the hard way.

So Far, So Good!
by: Lisa

I just received my first order from VistaPrint. I decided to go high quality, glossy, and I paid for them. I got 500 cards for $30, which included shipping. More than I had wanted to spend, but I must say, the cards look fabulous. Glossy full color photo of my work, faded to one side with my info. The back is blank, no ad (since I paid). The cards were in my mailbox 4-5 days later! I could not have gotten such high quality printing at that price, or such a fast turn-around time at Staples, where I had initially priced out cards to try. And I used their designs as templates for my own work – I could never have designed a card like this without them! I will certainly order again, both free, and paid. If a company does their free work well, I believe they desrve pay orders for their work, too.

If my cards were free, I would not be shocked to find their ad on the back – they need to pay for these offers somehow, and I have seen their back-of-the-card ads. They are small, and not at all tasteless. It does sound like good advice to inspect the back carefully, and see if you can delete their ad, tho.

Deleting Vista Print Words

When you are designing your vista print card-you can click on the text box and delete it.

i love vista print cards
by: donna sep

I have also been using them for years, and was aware that the “free” card options was in exchange for them printing their co name on the back. you just need to click in the appropriate area to request a blank back, or to print something of your own on the back.

The “non free” cards are still very affordable, and have many styles to choose from… i get compliments on my cards, which I use as tags and earring holders, all the time. They are on quality card stock and are much less expensive than anywhere else.

I also use Vista for my personal Xmas cards every year with photos of my dogs on them, and they come out great every time.

You just need to be aware of what you are clicking on when you order. There’s no such thing as a “free lunch” and if you want free cards, then it’s going to say vista on the back.

vista print
by: Gwen


They’re not trying to trick you.
by: Kristina

When you’re designing your Free Business Cards, VistaPrint takes you through numerous options screens: design, text, proof, etc. One of those screens shows options for the back side, and “Free” specifically says it has the VistaPrint logo on the back. The next option up (I think it’s like $5) is “blank back side,” then there are options like “calendar,” “black and white printing,” and “color printing.” They all come at a price and it’s all laid out very clearly.

I use VistaPrint like crazy because for a small business like me, and for someone who switches around to new ideas all the time, it’s an excellent value for short run printing of business cards and postcards and notepad materials. And as long as we’re talking about getting a deal, if you need a stamp of your logo, look into They’re my favorite!

Vista print
by: Anonymous

I have bought thousands of vista print free and not free buisness cards! Vista print shows you right in the beginning, that it will have there print on back, no secret! I have used both kinds with absolutly no affect on my sales! I reccomend the free cards, no one really cares about the little light print vista on the back!

additional charges on credit card
by: Anonymous

I had a similiar experience as “anonymous” above. I oredered free cards but had a credit card charge on my statement that I did not make. I called my credit card company and put a hold on payment while they researched it. It was a charge from Vista print. I am not sure what it was exactly. My credit card company credited me but I have been very wary of ever ordering again and let others know of my experience.

I love VistaPrints

I have always gotten great deals and cards from VP, the prices are very reasonable and once you get on thier mailing list, you get even deeper discounts.

Just read the fine print, VP is worth every dime in my book !

Used Vista Print for years

We have used Vista Print for years in my jewelry business and my husband’s construction work. We are very happy with the results and take advantage of their many free offers.
Many of the free postcards and other items have NO VP advertising on the back, just a blank side.
We paln on continued use of VP for Earring cards, business cards and mailers.

iPrint is A-OK
by: Jody Morris

I ordered 500 cards from iPrint and they DO NOT have ‘’ anywhere on the cards. The prices are reasonable, the cards are gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier.

Also, check out the mini cards at These are smaller than business cards and are lightly coated in plastic for durability. Very nice.

Jody in PA

VistaPrint shipping
by: Anonymous

Another tip – I never pay for the expedited shipping. I use their cheapest shipping option, and my order always comes in 7-10 days, instead of the three weeks they say it will take.

by: meridith

I just received an order from vistaprint. If you don’t have anything on the back they put their logo. Not one of my items had this. I ordered business cards and postcards. I had written a decription of my services on the back with my name and phone #. I received 1/2 of the business cards and postcards free.

business cards
by: Morgan

So did the same thing. I paid money for the shipping of some business cards. They turned out great. So what I did when I got them I just hooked a piece of cardstock to the back where their logo was. I had a little bit about the jewelry that I was selling and I used it for earring cards. So I just hooked my earrings I was selling to the cardstock and used double sided sticky tape and i put them in those little sealable plastic bags.

Vista Print
by: JeaneMargherite

I have read almost everyone comments…I have been using Vista Print for many years, for business cards, earring cards, as well as jewelry tags, postcards and signs. There is nothing in “fine print”…the back is printed or not, you have to click a button to decide. The “survey” is a ploy, just like the “checks” that come in the mail and if you cash them they charge you monthly for some silly thing or another. I am very pleased with VP, all you need to do is read what you are clicking…I do get a great many emails from them, but that’s how I know when it’s time to get more free stuff! And if I can get 500 cards for shipping + $3.99 for a blank backside…that’s a deal!!

My experience with Vista Print
by: Lori

When I first started my business, I used Vista Print. I too spent many hours getting my cards just right and when I received them, you could barely see the contact information on them. I have since been inundated with spam from them. I had to start blocking them. They send me spam almost daily. I will never do business with them again. I now use They are the best. I purchase all of my stationery, envelopes, postcards, and business cards from them. The are very reasonable and if you have questions, they can be reached by phone or on their site. They do not spam and they are extremely helpful. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just love their customer service and the quality of their work. If you try them, you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for the info
by: Sally Hoffman-The Bear Affair

Wow-Lots of great information. I think I will give Vista a try-sounds like if you read all of the instructions there won’t be a problem..

A bit greedy, I think.
by: Anonymous

I couldn’t help respond to this, but if you’re getting free cards, the least you can do is let them promote their business, come on, nothings free, why would you get all those cards and not at least allow them to advertise? A bit selfish, I think.

Vista Print
by: Anonymous

I have used Vista Print for years for my business cards, and they are great. I like the substantial feel of the cards, and when I’ve added the ‘gloss’ coat, they are even nicer. Very good prices.

The final result is really up to you. If you don’t take the time to look for and read fine print, then you really can’t blame anyone but yourself. They are a business, after all, and why is it wrong for them to put their website or name on the back of the cards? At least you do have an option to remove it. Pay attention to what you are doing. Also, regarding blurryiness: again, if you are uploading images that are not the best quality, that is what you will get. Take the time to open up a photo-editing program and fix your images first. If you are still doubtful, then order the preview print they can mail to you. Even if it costs a few dollars, isn’t it worth it to make sure your card image will be crisp? Once you do this, you will KNOW how the card will turn out, and then can place your order. And once they have your design on file, you can reorder again and again, so you saved yourself time in the long run.

Vista print
by: Anonymous

i have ordered 2twice with them and listen the business cards are free and u only pay the shipping. when u get free business cards they come with thier logo on the back if u spend a little more they will leave the backs blank. Free caRDS carry thier logo on the back when u want custome ones and want to spend a little more u get better paper quality, blank card backs and more. they are not scamming you they state on their website that free business cards that are the 250 have thier logo on the back unless you upgrade. SIMPLE AS THAT

not me
by: Anonymous

I ordered free cards from vistaprint and they arrived yesterday. Nothing on the back. No ads for their site, and exactly what I wanted on the front. I paid for the lowest cost shipping option which was supposed to take 3 weeks, but my cards shipped in less than 1 week. Not sure what happened with yours, but no problems here.

Vista Print Business Cards
by: Anonymous

Hello, I also had a similar experience with the Vista Print Co. My business cards arrived with the print so small you could hardly read them. Online, they appeared to be a good size. So beware….

Read the Fine Print
by: Anonymous

People should realize that there is no such thing as free. I too made business cards on vistaprint and it was the FIRST thing I noticed. Don’t just click click click. Click read read read click read read read click is more of how it should go

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  1. michelle says:

    do what i did. I found a stamper that i liked, I use the self inking. and i covered over the vista print stuff. it makes it look decorative and I still get it cheaper but now it is all mine. however since their price increase i went to doing my own. Far cheaper then what they are charging.

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