Has Anyone Had Success Selling from Vintage & Arts Market Type Stores?

by Katrina.
(Toronto, Canada)

In December 2016 I found a store called The Arts Market here in Toronto.

It is a craftsy store with lots of handmade items there.

The advertisement said that for $200 a month, you can rent out a space and sell your handmade items.

Crystal Hoops by Katrina  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My handmade hoop earrings.

I applied there and had an interview with the owner of The Arts Market. Unfortunately because it’s so popular I was put on a wait list.

Yesterday I was looking through Kijiji (free classified ads in Canada) for any upcoming craft shows, and I found another store called The Fab Attic which sells vintage items and handmade items.

The rent for the month is $100.

Handmade Flower Pendant Necklace by Katrina  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Handmade Flower Pendant Necklace

Today I went to The Fab Attic with my jewelry and displays in hand, and I met the owner and I was able to set my jewelry up on the spot, and I paid the $100 for the month.

Has anyone else had experience selling through these kinds of stores?

I’m doing this so that my jewelry has an outlet so that I get more customers.

I’d love to hear from other jewelers and your experiences in these kinds of environments.

Katz Handmade Jewelry

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  1. Katrina, would it be possible for you to get the email or other contact info for some of the other artists in the shop(s) you’re interested in – so you can ask them about their experiences there? If they have product tags or business cards on their work there, you should be able to get their contact info.

    You may also find some helpful info in these two posts here at JMJ – and be sure to read the comments below each of these posts:

    Artisan Cooperative Workspace – Is There Any Advantage Beyond Exposure?

    Jewelry Consignment Checklist (although this post is about consignment, it has several points that would apply to any shop where you have your jewelry for sale).

    I hope this helps, Katrina, and please keep us posted on how you do with your shops! 🙂

  2. I actually owned a shop like this several years ago. Most people did rather well. I had to close though due to having to move out of state. I would suggest you make sure about how you get your money, when you get it, etc. Do they have insurance? What happens if something gets damaged or stolen? Sadly I have know of a few shops who were dishonest, didn’t pay their consignors and would close up one night and take all the stuff with them. Be careful and get everything in writing. I really hope that this place is above board and works out for you!

  3. I got my first wholesale order through the shop. Things are going well. Although the shop is new, everyday there’s more and more traffic. The owner is really supportive and easy to get along with. The other vendors are also having sales, so its been a good experience for us as vendors there.
    On a side note I’d also like to add I set up my ETSY shop about three weeks ago, and i received my first ETSY sale also. I’ve been using the info provided here on this site. I find good customer service whether in person or online goes a long way.
    So far I’m doing well!

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