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Trying to Make Japanese Tensha Beads

by Sherry. (Edmonton, Canada) I would love to make my own Japanese Tensha beads, but I am having a nearly impossible time finding the Tensha water transfer decals. I have found a couple of shops that don’t ship to Canada. Is there an alternative I can use? Will the type of water transfer decals used […]

Jewelry Tool Questions – Bail Making Pliers, Hammer & Anvil

by Ani. (Cooperstown, NY) I am beginning to learn freeform wire art in my jewelry making. I have two questions: (1) The book I’m reading advises to get medium size bail making pliers. That seems to be small to me. Any advice? (2) When buying a hammer and anvil, what should I be looking for? […]

My Best Wire Sourcing Yet

by Laura C. (The Beautiful Berkshires, Massachusetts USA) Finally a solution to sourcing the copper wire I use for 95% of my creations! I placed a local Craigslist ad offering to pay twice the going scrapyard rate for clean stripped wire specifying the gauges I most commonly use, and, the minimum length I want depending […]

The Wire Which Wouldn’t Wrap

by Lisa Ford. (Family Farm Country, USA) I have been making “Pieces of Light” for the last few years, using 20g and 24g copper wire, shaping free hand my own designs. I only use cutters (confiscated my Dad’s good fencing cutters), various nail files/polishers for the ends, and pliers to hide them. My books, postcards, […]

Seeking Canadian Sources for Silver Blanks

by Sonya. (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) Can anyone enlighten me about a great source for silver filled or sterling silver metal blanks? Would love to hear about Canadian sources if known. Thanks so much! Sonya Sweet Lil Gems

How Do I Start a Beading Group?

by Fran. (USA) I was wondering if you had any suggestions for starting a beading (jewelry makers) group? I can’t seem to find anything on the web. I am an instructor at Joann Fabrics and some of my students want to get together and exchange ideas. Any suggestions? Fran

Looking for Companies that Cast Gold Filled Jewelry

by Shannon schnell. (Ohio USA) I have just finished an online jewelry making course. From the beginning I knew that I wanted to start a home based jewelry company. I’m brand new to jewelry making and design, but I’m now ready to start making samples to create a cohesive look. I love the way gold […]

Searching for a Lobster Clasp

by Barbara Solomon. (California USA) I need this info, for an Adjustable Neck Wire. Where can I find 7mm X 9mm lobster clasps in copper and sterling? What is the best all-purpose chain size/type for an extension chain? There are so many different sizes and types, that I don’t know where to start!   Thanks! […]

Need Help with Opalite Type

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) Quite a few years ago, I came across a pair of quite heavy milky-coloured earrings in a consignment clothing store. As I picked them up I noticed a flash of red from inside of them. My first thought was that they were too heavy to be worn as earrings, […]

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