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Jewelry Supply Resources in Foreign Places

by Jean BH. (Carriacou, Grenada) I live in Carriacou, Grenada and supplies to make the fancy jewelry you see online, Esty, Pinterest, etc. are not readily available. But that doesn’t stop my creative juices from flowing. I would like to think the lack of beautiful beads and threads adds an edge to my jewelry creations. […]

How Do I Make My Paintings into Earrings?

by Lisa. (Pinole) I paint mandalas and want to put them on earrings. Can you point me to a supplier where I can make my paintings into earrings? Lisa

Which E6000 Glue to Use for Jewelry – Clear or White?

by Suzan Rothstein. I recently mistakenly bought E6000 white glue which begs the question: Which glue, the clear or white E6000, is used in jewelry making? Are both used? What is the difference and when would I use one over the other? If anyone can help thank you in advance. Suzan Rothstein

What’s the Best Thread for Gemstone Beads?

by Raya. Hi, I attached a picture of necklaces I am trying to make and I was wondering what is the best strongest thread to use for gemstone beads? Thank you! Raya

Please Help – Looking for a Wood and Resin Tutorial

by Emma Jane Noll. (Pennsylvania, USA) I have recently seen some beautiful jewelry, incorporating scrap wood and colored resin. The only information I could find on youtube used a pressure pot to make large chunks of wood infused with resin. There has to be an easier way, and I was hoping with the vast Jewelry […]

Help – Flush Wire Cutters for Cable Wire / Beading Wire?

by Sarah de Larrinaga. (UK) I’m hoping someone here can help me before I’m driven mad! I’ve decided 2016 is the year to make the jewellery pay for my bead addiction and start selling seriously. So far I’ve used cheap flush cutters, but they blunt really quickly on my beading wire – I use Beadalon […]

Need Sources in the UK for Real Beads and Jewelry Supplies at a Good Price

by Dina. (Manchester, UK) Where can I buy real beads and supplies (real silver and gold pieces and gemstone beads) at a good price? Especially looking for sources in the UK. Dina

Searching for Canadian Made Supplies

by Kelly. (Stratford, Ontario, Canada) I was hoping for some help on finding suppliers that make Canadian made jewellery making supplies, such as jump rings and eye pins, and perhaps gemstone beads. Which I know that one is a little more tricky. In my searches I can find many Canadian suppliers. If I was at […]

Multiple Products from a Single Design

by Virginia Vivier. (Tucson, Arizona USA) Once you create an original, beautiful design for jewelry – Don’t stop there! You can benefit by submitting your jewelry design to a variety of online shops! Here’s an example of how I created one design that resulted in a number of sales opportunities! The first photo is of […]

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