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Sources for Higher Quality Jewelry Findings?

by Leslie Hirschberg. (Rancho Mirage, CA) I would like to know a source for better quality findings, such as ribbon ends, than the usual large jewelry manufacturers. Anyone know how to find findings made for commercial use? Thanks. Leslie Hirschberg

Source for Snap Settings That Aren’t Earring or Pendant Settings?

by Linda Bartles. (Apache Junction, Arizona) I have searched and researched the internet looking for snap settings looking for those that aren’t earring settings or pendants. They must be out there somewhere because I see other wire artists’ work with them incorporated. Any help will be much appreciated. Linda Bartles Asgard Gems

Kick Press Machine vs. Hand Press for Applying Rivets and Spots?

by Denise Margart. (Mount Shasta, CA) I have questions about using a kick press machine vs. a hand press to set decorative rivets and spots in leather. Which would be better for designing with small and intricate rivets/spots, and which type would be best for setting hardware really close together without crushing the hardware next […]

What Kind of Stamps for Stamping Spoons?

by Cheryl. I’m just starting out and I would like to stamp spoons and cutlery. I read that I will need premium stamps. Can anyone suggest some for me that aren’t crazy expensive? Cheryl

Jewelry Accounting

by Jane Petersen. (Madison, WI) Has anyone ever used the Jewelry Designer Manager or other software for tracking supplies and sales? I use an Excel program, but it has its limitations plus I have no record of what finished product I’ve sold. This program, from what I’ve discerned from their website, uses photos. Is it […]

Following Trends: Tassels and Duster Earrings?

by Pamella Bowen. Last summer, in an effort to get a jump on the new trends, I went online. I found that tassels were going to be all the rage, so I made lots of tassel necklaces. They didn’t sell. Now, I am seeing tassels in the craft stores and on mannequins in the mall. […]

Is It OK to Make Original Jewelry Using a Technique Learned from a Tutorial?

by Sharon Berg. Would a jewelry technique learned in a free or paid online tutorial be usable in producing “original’ jewelry without the teacher’s consent? Many of us need to learn the techniques somewhere and then use them to create original pieces. I’m not talking about copying the specific jewelry item, but rather using the […]

Best Stretchy Cord for Jewelry?

by Elizabeth Wald. I use Stretch Magic and it wears over time. Which cord do you think is the best for .50mm? Thank you. Elizabeth Wald Stones in Harmony

Source for Copper Brazing Rods in Ireland?

by Keara. (Ireland) Hi. I live in Ireland and I was wondering if anyone knew somewhere I could buy copper brazing rods? Thank you. Keara

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