Your Jewelry Stories

Tell us your jewelry stories. We love to hear all your stories and experiences related to your jewelry and/or jewelry making endeavors.

Rings I Love!

by Lawrence Dallas. (Memphis, Tennessee) These rings I had made for people I know and love. Two of these rings are made of Argentium Silver. My Wife Tammy loved her 40th Anniversary Ring. The second ring is made of Sterling Silver that has a Patina with a Diamond. The third ring was made for a […]

Heavy Gauge Wire Jewelry

by Edd Nelson. (Northwest Indiana) I have been busy this winter developing some new techniques in wire wrapping for heavy gauge wire jewelry. I actually describe it as wire folding as opposed to wire wrapping, because of the process used in obtaining the desired end result. I Use 18 gauge and 16 gauge copper wire […]

Prayer Beads

by Paula Hisel. (Nicholasville, Kentucky) I love prayer beads. When I recently discovered pearl knotting, I decided to mix the two together and I love the end result. The strands have better movement than a traditional chain link necklace. And the color of the string adds a lot of depth to the piece. Using the […]

A Nod to the Past

by Teri Griffith. (Davie Florida) This time I tried to mix it up a bit. I don’t want to get stuck in a rut and make the same type of jewelry that I enjoy over and over again. Earrings of all shapes and colors: Jewelry sets: Using unusual color combos or mixing a bit mod […]

Never Too Much Crystal

by Tracey. (New York) This Swarovski crystal necklace was one of my “OMG” designs. I was sitting at my kitchen table late one night with all my beads in front of me. This seems to be the time when I am the most creative for some reason. I wanted to use my excess of fuchsia […]

Moonstone Jewelry Sets — designed in my dream

by Chuang Yu. (New York, NY) I made these moonstone necklace and studs 2 years ago when I was still an art student in the college. My major was Studio Art and our school only have one metalsmithing course. I took the course by chance and suddenly I fell in love with everything about it. […]

Reptile in Red

by Duane Aldrich. (Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA) Did you ever think about going a little exotic in jewelry? This is natural fossilized dinosaur bone. Each piece is different depending on what minerals are in the area it’s found. This one is a charcoal gray with dark red spots. I paired the fossil with natural garnet to […]

Convertible Necklace

by Joan. (Poway, California USA) I usually make my jewelry in the evening. My husband watches TV and I make my jewelry. One evening I decided to make a bracelet out of an assortment of shells, etc. After making my jewelry I like to show my husband for his opinion, suggestions, etc. He’s always so […]

Lost & Forgotten Jewelry

by Alicia Rivera. (Dover, Delaware USA) I recently found a stash of pieces that were made back when I first started my jewelry making journey. All these pieces were made using sterling silver because back when I started,  Artistic Wire wasn’t as readily available as it is now, and sterling silver was much more affordable. […]

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