Your Jewelry Stories

Tell us your jewelry stories. We love to hear all your stories and experiences related to your jewelry and/or jewelry making endeavors.

Kintsugi-Inspired Beach Stone Necklace

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) Some simple beach stones just have grand dreams and intentions of becoming necklace pendants – they really do! I come across them occasionally as I search for treasures on the beach to make jewellery and art with. They’ve taken decades, if not longer, to create a hole within themselves […]

Fixing a Droop Problem

by Terri Wlaschin. (Key West, FL) Things were going well until I added the daggers, which flopped when the pendant was held up. I stitched a triangle pattern behind the daggers. That fixed the backwards droop. Now, they drooped forward (sigh). Next I stitched size 11’s around each dagger and added sequins to pop the […]

My Summer “Vacation” Creations

by Anita Campbell. (Stewartsville, NJ) As some of you may know, I’ve been ADDICTED to beaded Kumihimo but also seem to like unusual gemstones and pendants that I try to incorporate into not only my Kumihimo items, but my other jewelry creations as well. When I found these pendants at a local craft store, I […]

Thanks, Rena

by Lurene Cornelius. (Prague, Oklahoma) Dear Rena, I happened onto your site searching for an idea for making a necklace from beads one of my daughters bought. I make a lot of jewelry. I am 79, widowed, so have a lot of time to have so much fun creating and making jewelry. I just want […]

Stainless Steel and Leather Men’s Bracelet

by Juan Valerio. (Tarpon Springs FL) I made this piece with repurposed steel from a kitchen utensil and leather from a used belt. Juan Valerio Juan of a Kind Designs on Facebook

Jewelry Takes Me In and Out of My Comfort Zone

by Betsy Murphy. I went to Mass Art for a summer jewelry class in the 1980s, having only the interest. I just had a wonderful time, alone in my own world (being in a body is really outside my comfort zone) and I soldered, used a rolling mill, sawed etc… The teacher, who’d been quiet […]

Rustic Dragonfly Necklace

by Kelly Mesidor. (Snellville, GA) I made this necklace using wood chip beads, rustic dragonfly beads, warm earthy colored glass beads, and brass wire. When I first saw the dragonfly bead strand I knew I branded to create something that was rustic, earthy and fun. This piece to me represents warmth and comfort, and love. […]

Healing Steps

by Sarah Reid. (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) This is a followup to Sarah’s previous post, How to Start Over After Losing Everything. I was finally able to get back at it and make my first post-fire jewelry creations. Boy did it feel good! With a few basic supplies given to me and a highly appropriate […]

Selling Pricey Jewelry vs. Bargain Jewelry

by Pamela Dudrow. Recently I had an experience that I’d like to share. I create jewelry and sell at a price I think is a good retail price; taking into consideration how much time I’ve put into each piece, and addressing the current popularity of the technique I use. Okay, it’s pricey! I recently attended […]

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