Your Jewelry Stories

Tell us your jewelry stories. We love to hear all your stories and experiences related to your jewelry and/or jewelry making endeavors.

A Bracelet Tribute to My Mother

by Susan L. Goldstein. (Chestnut Hill, Ma.) In June of 2009 my mother Maureen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Knowing how grave her diagnosis was, I wanted to do something to honor and support her during her short fight. I started making bracelets that were given to her caregivers, family members and friends. These women […]

Pretty Harbor Hand Crafted Jewels Made with Love

by Ingrid Anciaux. (Sydney, Australia) The idea to create jewels came to me some years ago. My project started 4 years ago when I still lived in Paris and I performed in Burlesque. Although short, this moment of my life gave me lots of desires and projects. I had more pleasure working on the costume’s […]

How a Jewelry Business is Like Peeling an Onion

by Angela Jones. (Ginger and Snap) Even though I went to college to be a nurse, I always wanted my own business.  I had several false starts that I compare to dieting: selling cosmetics, cookware, skincare, color analysis. I always thought I’d found the solution to my own business desires like the many diet programs […]

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