Your Jewelry Stories

Tell us your jewelry stories. We love to hear all your stories and experiences related to your jewelry and/or jewelry making endeavors.

Jewelry Color Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

by Maria Hansford. (The Treasure Chest) As I was born in Italy, on the beautiful Riviera, I always liked vibrant colors. As a child I spent hours coloring and whenever I received as a gift a box of colored pencils I was in heaven! Another passion of mine was – and still is – reading: […]

Historical Jewelry

Examples from the 1500’s through 1800’s text © by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. I absolutely love historical jewelry and clothes. And I had the opportunity to see some stunning examples of the jewelry and fashions worn during the past thousand years or so, in various original paintings at the National Gallery of Art in […]

Cynthia’s Custom Necklace: The successful struggle

by Diana Redlin. (California) This necklace was my first custom piece. My best friend commissioned it and we collaborated on it in very general ways. These ways were; how long it was going to be, what colors and what shape the components would be. Then I began. My own ideas were for the design on […]

Inspired by a Bird, Out Hatched a Moss Collection

by Jen’s Back Yard. (Murrieta, CA) My new “Moss Collection” was inspired from the Hummingbird who builds her nest, made of moss, in our backyard every February. Recently, her two tiny twin babies emerged from their pale blue shells and entered our world. Over the past couple of weeks I have been creating jewelry, made […]

A Bracelet Tribute to My Mother

by Susan L. Goldstein. (Chestnut Hill, Ma.) In June of 2009 my mother Maureen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Knowing how grave her diagnosis was, I wanted to do something to honor and support her during her short fight. I started making bracelets that were given to her caregivers, family members and friends. These women […]

Pretty Harbor Hand Crafted Jewels Made with Love

by Ingrid Anciaux. (Sydney, Australia) The idea to create jewels came to me some years ago. My project started 4 years ago when I still lived in Paris and I performed in Burlesque. Although short, this moment of my life gave me lots of desires and projects. I had more pleasure working on the costume’s […]

How a Jewelry Business is Like Peeling an Onion

by Angela Jones. (Ginger and Snap) Even though I went to college to be a nurse, I always wanted my own business.  I had several false starts that I compare to dieting: selling cosmetics, cookware, skincare, color analysis. I always thought I’d found the solution to my own business desires like the many diet programs […]

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