Your Jewelry Stories

Tell us your jewelry stories. We love to hear all your stories and experiences related to your jewelry and/or jewelry making endeavors.

Giving Shells Back Their Pearls

by Tamara Robertson. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) I was going through my shells the other evening, and picked out a few that had holes in them, to see what I could do with them. I wanted to embellish the shells somehow, and as I looked at the beautiful colour and texture of the shells, I felt […]

Cork and Azulejos Jewelry

by Ana Campaniço. (Portugal) We’re Ana and Cristina and we design and create cork jewelry. After living many years in the Caribbean, we returned to Lisbon, Portugal, and fell in love with the very traditional local art forms of Cork and Portuguese Tiles, called Azulejos [ɐzuˈleʒu]. Cork is an extraordinary material and a wonder to […]

Found Copper Riveted Pipe Cover on Leather Bracelet

by Patrick. (State College, PA) This is the first time I have ever tried to rivet. I found a pipe cover and there were three perfect sized divots in the cover. Once I drilled the holes into the depressions, I carefully lined-up the leather and riveted-away! Not bad for my very first time! I wanted […]

Aluminum Leather Bracelet

by Patrick P. (State Collge, PA) Forged aluminum clasp, found flange with aluminum tube rivet. Aluminum riveted forged curled-clasp with a hand forged, aluminum riveted clasp bar. Aluminum is a soft (which I knew) metal, so two of the rivets spread-out a few millimeters. This is the first time I made a clasp that was […]

Polishing Stones and Setting Them

by Scott W Kelley. (United States, Petoskey, Michigan) Hi, my name is Scott Kelley and I love reading all the unique ways to make the bling. I am a rock hound and have fallen in love with polishing all types of stones. From cabbing them to cutting into a gemstone I love working with gemstones. […]

Diane’s Ladybug Necklace

by Bev Carlson. (United States) While making one of a kind pieces is the most fun, I’ve had good luck with fundraiser projects too. My friend (both of us breast cancer survivors) runs the Boston Marathon for Dana-Farber Cancer Research. My friend is running again (her 11th) for a another friend of ours who has […]

A Great Find During My Vacation in Peru

by Barbara Jacquin. (South of France) I knew there were beautiful opals in Peru and I set out to find some while on a vacation trip there. Surprise! Not many opals to be had by tourists. However, I did happen onto a market seller with a few pieces and I immediately fell in love with […]

Wire Wrapped Agate Pendant Necklaces

by Christina Little. (Guerneville, CA) This is my first post. I came across Rena’s site in search of creative tips and ideas. 2017 is my first attempt at wire wrapping. I’ve quickly become addicted to this technique. I LOVE Agate Pendant Beads. There are so many beautiful colors. I’m not exactly sure what style I […]

Moonstone Ring Story

by Ivana. (Croatia, Europe) This “bigger” piece of moonstone was waiting his place on a piece of jewelry. I bought it two years ago and had no idea where to set him, what piece of jewelry to make. Recently I was making earrings with half moon shape and an idea for this beautiful piece of […]

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