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Tips and techniques for beading, metalwork, PMC, wirework and other aspects of your handcrafted jewelry business.

Helpful Item for Jewelry, Borrowed from Knitting and Crochet

by Dirah Bonnie Earnest. (Martinez, CA) I just wanted to share a helpful little item that knitters and crocheters use. I found these little items so helpful with organizing or keeping in place in my chains for placing beads. I have used these for my chains that are measured out to keep size together, keep […]

Kintsugi-Inspired Beach Stone Necklace

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) Some simple beach stones just have grand dreams and intentions of becoming necklace pendants – they really do! I come across them occasionally as I search for treasures on the beach to make jewellery and art with. They’ve taken decades, if not longer, to create a hole within themselves […]

Help! How to Remove Acrylic Varnish from Stones in a Pendant?

by Joan Jones. I brushed onto my finished pewter pendant an acrylic medium and varnish. Unfortunately, I got a little on the stones, so I decided to cover the entire stone. Now, I’m looking to remove it with a solvent for acrylic varnish! Any ideas? Joan Jones

Fall and Winter Are the Most Inspiring Seasons for Me

by Dawn. (Syracuse NY) I just love all of the beautiful colors in the fall. I’m from the Adirondacks and it is the best time of year. And who can resist the Christmas season? I so enjoy working with pretty lampwork and ceramic beads, and finding just the right crystals and accents to finish with. […]

Need Help with Scratch Removal on Metal

by Rachael. I’ve used files for smoothing out things like excess solder and scratches, but I’ve found that the files always scratch my metal badly, leaving lots of fine but noticeable scratches. Sandpaper / buffing compounds haven’t been sufficient remove the original or the new scratches. Can anyone suggest some quality but basic / necessary […]

Trouble with Finishing Off Jewelry

by Kim Orton. Memory Wire Trouble: I make a lot of memory wire jewelry and do my best to make my loops just right so they won’t poke but it still happens sometimes. Those end caps you glue don’t stay on. I may not be using the right size. Beading Wire Trouble: Another problem I […]

How to Use Fringe Seed Beads?

by Catherine Smith. (Oklahoma) I ordered some dark amber fringe seed beads because they went with an autumn theme I had in mind for a necklace. What I had in mind didn’t work. I tried stringing them spaced with Swarovski crystals in between, but realized I didn’t have enough to make a necklace. Do you […]

Need Tumbler Help – Sterling Silver Keeps Coming Out Black!

by Kristin. (Ohio) Help! I recently bought stainless steel shot for my double barrel Harbor Freight tumbler which I have owned for a few years but only used once and never got jewelry until now. I have put this pile of sterling ear wires and rings in and they keep coming out black. I have […]

How Do I Make Super-Secure Jewelry for an Olympic Athlete?

by Judith. (USA) I am thrilled to be making jewelry for one of my favorite figure skaters! But so far I have advised her to wear my jewelry only off the ice, because I am not positive it will not come apart under the high speed of spinning in the air and on the ice. […]

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