Is It OK to Use a Plastic Hot Pot for Pickle?

by Karen. For metalsmithing can you use a plastic hot pot for pickle? Thanks for your help! Karen

How to Prevent Scratches on a Steel Bench Block?

by Dianne Haselfeld. (Prescott Arizona) I use a steel bench block just like everyone else – to pound on metal with a hammer. When I do this the steel gets scratched. I keep reading instructions about not using a block that is marred because the scratches, etc will transfer to what you are working on. […]

Jewelry Supply Resources in Foreign Places

by Jean BH. (Carriacou, Grenada) I live in Carriacou, Grenada and supplies to make the fancy jewelry you see online, Esty, Pinterest, etc. are not readily available. But that doesn’t stop my creative juices from flowing. I would like to think the lack of beautiful beads and threads adds an edge to my jewelry creations. […]

Jewelry That Isn’t Selling – Take it Apart or Drop the Price?

by Deborah Blake. Has anyone ever tried to sell jewelry at a show and failed, and took them apart and tried a new style? I’ve tried to learn new things over time. Just not sure if I should mark the prices way down on the work that I didn’t sell, so I can buy new […]

Stringing Crystals – Use Sterling Silver Wire or Stainless Steel Beading Wire?

by Laura Grace. I was told by a jewelry designer that crystals shouldn’t be strung on sterling silver wire because the crystals are abrasive and will eventually eat through the wire. I found similar references on several websites as well. The designer suggested using stainless steel flexible jewelry wire made for abrasive stones instead. What […]

Can Someone Please Identify these Stones?

by Barbara. (USA) Can anyone please identify the stones in this necklace? Thank you. Barbara

Help – Flush Wire Cutters for Cable Wire / Beading Wire?

by Sarah de Larrinaga. (UK) I’m hoping someone here can help me before I’m driven mad! I’ve decided 2016 is the year to make the jewellery pay for my bead addiction and start selling seriously. So far I’ve used cheap flush cutters, but they blunt really quickly on my beading wire – I use Beadalon […]

Filing Stainless Steel and Titanium Wire?

by Autumn Boutcher. (North Carolina) I’ve been using carbon needle files for my stainless steel wire for the last few years. While these work, they aren’t effective enough. I keep forgetting to buy the diamond files. Oops! I used a burr cup too, which helps speed things up. Especially once I put it in the […]

What Basic Jewelry Tools Should I Start With?

by Paula EddyBrower. (Connecticut) Hello, I am just getting into jewelry making. I was wondering what basic tools should I start with? Thanks, Paula Paula EddyBrower modernmature

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