What to Do with Your Jewellery Supply “Left-Overs”

by Helen White. Making jewellery inevitably produces waste – you end up with left over threads, beading wire, single beads, chipped beads and other materials. But before subjecting these to your bin, spare a second thought on these items as they might still be useful.   Memory Wire When working with memory wire, I often […]

Artistic Value of Murano Glass Jewelry

by Julia Grinberg. (Glass of Venice) Murano is a small island just north of Venice, and it has been the undisputed capital of Venetian glass for ages. Glass production in Murano started in 1291 when the Venetian Republic forced all of the glassmakers to move their entire workshops and factories out of the city to […]

Millefiori Glass

© by GlassOfVenice.com; all rights reserved Millefiori glass, also known as Murrine, is one of the best-known and highly sought after techniques of Murano glass making.     What is Millefiori Glass? It stands for “a thousand flowers” in Italian, and indeed, the end result of this painstaking work often reminds a field of whimsical […]

What is Opalite (Sea Opal Glass)?

by Rena Klingenberg. What is opalite, also known as “sea opal glass”? Is it a gemstone, or is it manmade? Opalite Glass “Opalite” usually refers to a manmade glass used mainly in jewelry making. Although this material is usually anywhere from clear to milky colored, it takes on an unearthly, luminous blue glow – especially […]

About Cabochon Carat Weight

by Millie from Gotrocks.   Since I’ve received more than a few questions about the carat weight of stones, I thought it might help to provide information about the subject. In general the question asked most often is: “How many carats is a 30mm x 22mm (for example) cabochon?” I assume that since there are […]

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