What is the Best Restringing Cord for Repairing Jewelry?

by Mary Anne Enriquez. (USA) I have many heavy vintage/ antique “ethnic” handmade necklaces and bracelets that need restringing. I see that a lot of these necklaces drape really lovely due to the original cotton or hemp-like cord… but the heavy stone, metal, and glass beads have all cut the cords over time. Some of […]

Help – Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Doesn’t Clean or Remove Tarnish

by Jane Jennings. (Philadelphia) I have an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (Boque systems, 1259), but find it doesn’t do much, either on tarnish or on dirty jewelry. I have 2 filigree white gold rings which get gunked up and are very hard to get clean. I run the machine over and over again, with little result. […]

What is the Stone in My Ring?

by Chelsea Garner. I have this ring with a blue stone that has a bit of pink in it. Can anyone please tell me what is the stone in this ring? Chelsea Garner

What Are Your Favorite Gemstones?

by Brie. First I want to say how amazing JMJ has been for me, I’ve learned so much from everyone. I love how positive and encouraging everyone is, on every post. Okay, now on to my question: What are your favorite types / kinds of beads and gemstones? I’ve been working with the same stones […]

Gemstone Beads / Hardness and Grade Scale?

by N.B. For those of you that use natural gemstones – what hardness do you use? According to the research a hardness of 7 or higher is preferred for everyday wear. Have you used different hardness scales without a problem or customer complaints? Also what grading do you often buy? Does grading matter in handcrafted […]

Source for Snap Settings That Aren’t Earring or Pendant Settings?

by Linda Bartles. (Apache Junction, Arizona) I have searched and researched the internet looking for snap settings looking for those that aren’t earring settings or pendants. They must be out there somewhere because I see other wire artists’ work with them incorporated. Any help will be much appreciated. Linda Bartles Asgard Gems

Left Handed Jewelry Tools?

by Anne Nishioka. (California) I have a friend who is left handed. He gets frustrated using jewelry pliers and jewelry tools for right handed people. Does anyone make jewelry tools for left handed people? If they do where can I buy them? Thanks! Anne Nishioka

Recommend Your Favorite Tools!

by Kristin Moore. (Ohio) I have recently started learning how to solder which of course has opened up a whole new world of jewelry making! Sharing a picture of my very first project, warts and all! So I would love to hear your favorite brands or other tips for the following tools that I am […]

Crack in a Labradorite – How Did it Happen?

by Barbara Jacquin. (Uzes in the south of France) A question for you lapidary experts: One of my best customers bought a labradorite pendant, one of my nicest I think, several months ago but recently showed it to me with its new crack, vertical from top to bottom in the very middle of the stone. […]

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