Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea glass jewelry techniques for choosing, drilling, and working with different types of sea glass in your jewelry designs.

Gifts of Spring – Sea Glass Jewelry

by Melinda Lovell. (Florida) I have been collecting sea glass for years. Recently I found these pretty spring colors. I love combining wire and glass and coming up with interesting designs. Melinda Lovell Sea Winks

Sea Glass Tree of Life Pendant / Ornament

by Jean Forman. (Virginia) I created this Tree of Life ornament/pendant with genuine amber sea glass I found this year in Australia. I wire wrapped the design with copper wire and added Swarovski crystals, gold and silver plated balls, pearls, and more to decorate the tree. My customers like to wear the ornaments I create […]

Butterfly Sea Glass Necklace

by Marion Jackson. (Middlewich, Cheshire, UK) I made this necklace from small pieces of amber coloured seaglass that I found on Seaham Beach, UK. I worked it entirely in Sterling Silver Wire: (1.50 mm) for the outline and shaping. (0.4 mm) for the wrapping. It is set on a Sterling Silver Chain (18″ with adjustable […]

Summer Treasures

by Teri Griffith. (Davie Florida) Summer has a way of changing our yearly habits. Early morning walks on the beach are not only invigorating, the sea glass and pretty shells are still there for the picking. Watching the sunset gives you time to think, dream and wonder about a slower paced life style. My mind […]

Travels and Sea Glass

by Jean Forman. (Lucky Sea Glass Jewelry) I have found a way to combine my love of travel with my passion for creating jewelry with sea glass I find worldwide. On many previous trips, my fellow passengers have admired my designs and have wanted to buy items from me, so I have learned to bring […]

Briolette Wrap Cracked Sea Glass

by Christine Blanchet. (United Kingdom) Thank you so much for your briolette wrap tutorial. I had a stunning piece of sea glass I wanted to wrap but unfortunately it had a slight crack that went down quite a ways and I needed to hide it. I drilled a hole (front to back) at the base […]

Bermuda Sea Glass Statement

by Jean Forman. (United States) I beachcombed this beautiful amber sea glass while on vacation in Bermuda. Now, back in the cold winter, I created this statement necklace with the piece, using gold overlay Rollo chain and 14K gold filled wire wrap. Recently, I wore it to a friend’s daughter’s wedding shower. Interesting to me […]

Collecting Sea Glass

by Lin Schneider. (Odyssey Sea Glass) Sea glass has become popular the world over recently. There’s just something so soothing and so appealing about finding a beautiful frosty piece of glass on the beach. For many, sea glass brings back fond memories of trips to the beach as a child; for others, it’s their recuperating […]

Drilling Beach Glass

by Shirley Graves. After living near the beaches of Lake Erie for the past 12 years and designing jewelry for over 18, I naturally became an enthusiast of collecting beach glass and transforming these “Gems of the Lake” into unique and recycled glass jewelry. My adventures in designing beach glass jewelry began last summer and […]

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