Getting to Know Enamels

by Dianne. (Windsor, Vermont) Whoa, is this ever fun! I decided I wanted to try some color along with the metal and this is a blast! I figured as long as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I would start with some hearts and do simple enamel. Now I have the bug and have ordered cloisonne […]

Alcohol Ink on Crimp Covers?

by Leslie Hirschberg. (Rancho Mirage, CA) Can I change the color of silver crimp covers to match the beads I am stringing by using alcohol ink? Leslie Hirschberg

Art Nouveau Goddess: Aphrodite

by Melissa McNair. (Clifton Park, NY USA) I just love creating unique jewelry pieces, and my “Aphrodite” necklace is a favorite among my customers The idea is the same, but each creation is always unique since a different combination of paints & accent beads are always used. Aphrodite is a Greek Goddess born out of […]

How to Use Chemical Patinas Correctly?

by Karen. (Toronto) I have my own hand stamped jewelry shop and have decided to use a patina on my personalized pieces. I have tried Liver of Sulpher and the stench of it nearly knocked me over. I use nickel silver and the only chemical I could find was Jax Pewter Black. I put an […]

Rustic Copper Washer Necklace Variations (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. Question: If you start out with a mismatched pair of rustic copper washers, how many different necklace looks can you create? Answer: The sky’s the limit! In this tutorial, we’ll make our rustic copper washers and then explore ways to use them in necklace designs. Make Your Rustic Copper Washers My larger […]

Rustic Adjustable Stacking Rings (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. These simple adjustable stacking rings can be worn one at a time – or one on every finger – or as a whole stack of rings. A simple patina created by a boiled egg provides fabulously rustic color on the finished pieces. You’ll get an even more rustic look if you hammer-texture […]

How to Give Metal an Oxidized Look (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. In this tutorial we’ll create three different darkened looks on jewelry metal, to give them the appearance of oxidizing: We’ll give metal a grungy, antiqued appearance:   We’ll emphasize a surface texture on metal:   We’ll darken stamped letters on metal:   NOTE: We’re not actually oxidizing the metal here. Instead, we’re […]

Crazy About Patina

by Rebecca Brooks. (California, USA) I used Rena’s Potato Chip Patina tutorial and the Rustic Autumn Leaf tutorial also. It turned out great! Just wanted to share it with you all. Cut out the leaf, file away the sharp edges. Wash with hot soapy water, dry and don’t touch the pendant with your bare fingers. […]

Embossing Copper Sheets

by Teri Griffith. (Davie, Florida USA) Embossing copper is so old fashioned, think of the tacky framed copper reliefs of wagons or animals. Now it is a beautiful spring board for jewelry, switch plate covers, or book marks. I love the entire process, the design selection, the embossing, the patina and finally the end product. […]

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