Metal Stamping

Metal stamping jewelry tips and projects.

Metal Stamping – How to Prevent Double Image?

by Tiphanie Elliott. (Beeville, TX) No matter what I do I end up with double images with every stamp. Is there something I can do that can stop this? Tiphanie Elliott Samarah’s Charm

Stamping on Plated Metals?

by Sofia. I´m planning to start my own business on Etsy, I have bought the metal stamps, now I´m on the stage of deciding what metal to start with. I have been doing some research and aluminium, stainless steel should be affordable to start with, however I would also like to offer a bit of […]

How to Avoid Roughness on Back of Metal Stamping Blanks?

by Sharon. I recently started stamping and I think I’m doing a pretty good job for a newbie. My question is, do all blanks get kind of scratched / slightly rough in the back after stamping? I noticed this on most of my blanks and wonder if there’s a way to clean up or buff […]

How to Give Metal an Oxidized Look (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. In this tutorial we’ll create three different darkened looks on jewelry metal, to give them the appearance of oxidizing: We’ll give metal a grungy, antiqued appearance:   We’ll emphasize a surface texture on metal:   We’ll darken stamped letters on metal:   NOTE: We’re not actually oxidizing the metal here. Instead, we’re […]

Secret Love Letter Pendant (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This grungy metal pendant is made from two stacked hearts: . . . that open to reveal a hidden metal-stamped love letter inside: And of course, you can create your own message in place of my “hugs and kisses” note. We want this finished pendant to look charmingly rustic and grungy – […]

Stamped Quote Charm Bracelet (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. A charm bracelet can be a wonderful way to wear words of wisdom that you’d like to remember throughout the day. In this tutorial we’ll stamp words from a phrase onto metal jewelry blanks of various shapes – and turn the phrase into a bracelet. For this project you’ll need a quote […]

How Do I Finish and Get Shine Without a Tumbler?

by Jen. (Washington DC ) I am just starting metal stamping and mainly work with aluminum and copper. Is there a way to get a high shine on my pieces without a tumbler? And what is the best way to get minor scratches out of the metal prior to polishing? Any luck with synthetic steel […]

What is the Best Surface for Stamping on Washers?

by Melissa
 When stamping on washers…I am using the metal block, but where are you stamping? I am sitting on the (hard, cold) garage floor and using the step into our house as my “table.” It is NOT comfortable and my arm and neck are paying for it. Of course, I am making LOTS and […]

Adjustable Class Ring (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This adjustable class ring is a handmade re-imagining of the traditional graduation year jewelry styles. The simple, bold style works for both guys and gals – and makes a great gift for high school and college students. The adjustable fit makes it comfortable to wear. Supplies: A piece of metal sheet – […]

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