Jewelry Studio

Your jewelry studio should be comfortable, well lit, and keep all your jewelry making needs within easy reach.

Help Me Create a New Jewelry Studio in an Empty Room

by Pamela. (Stanwood WA) I have a room, totally empty, that I can now convert to a jewelry studio. I won’t have to try to fit my workspace onto the end of the dining room table, yay! I have furniture pieces in storage, including a watchmaker’s bench and a steel dental cabinet with 27 drawers. […]

A Few Favorite Storage Ideas

by Susan Anderson. I wanted to share a few of my favorite ideas for storing supplies and materials used in jewelry making. Although I enjoy looking through the online stores for items to purchase, I get the most satisfaction when I find something I can use that works simply for storing supplies and costs just […]

Cat Calamity in My Studio

by Phyllis Churchill. (Deltona, Florida USA) Goodness ONLY KNOWS I love my cats!! However, recently I have two of them who have taken up permanent residence on my beading worktable. I cover it ( now) with a tablecloth, attempt to make it (underneath) as uncomfortable as possible, but………. to no avail!! I am ( LOL) […]

My Portable Work Station

by Lisa Rohrssen. (Elizabeth City, North Carolina USA) My husband converted a tree stump into a very efficient work station. I find that having it with me gives people something to talk to me about, and the men are all fascinated by my anvil and hammers. I feel it adds a legitimacy to my work […]

Jewellery Supply Display : Finally One I Like

by Linda Finnie. (East Mountain, Nova Scotia, Canada) I have been beading for over 10 years now and have gone through at least a dozen storage ideas, from basic tubs to custom designs. I think I have finally found the one that truly works for me. It is not ideal – yet – needs a […]

My Multi-Purpose Jewelry Studio

by Autumn. (North Carolina, USA) The Jewelry Making Journal has been a real asset since the first day I found this site on Google. You’ve all given wonderful advice and inspired the muses far more than I can put into words. I decided last month to post my own studio/organization story, but kept putting it […]

Claustrobeadia! Need Bead Storage Advice

by Joy. (Atlanta, Georgia) I have finally bit the bullet and started the horrid job of sorting of my beads. So far I am bagging them by color, findings also by gold or silver. Now, here is the big question, does anyone prefer to string and hang their beads? I ask this because I am […]

Wow, I’m Organized… Now

by Cindi Bernloehr. (Winter Garden Florida (outside Orlando) USA) After spending the past 4 years buying, collecting and finding beads, I had quite a “STASH” and it was all in boxes in the extra closet. This way I didn’t loose anything but I also didn’t know what I had on hand when I started creating. […]

Storing Jewelry Supplies & Tools – Rena’s System

by Rena Klingenberg. I’ve developed a simple system for storing my jewelry supplies and tools – and keeping them organized. I’ve been using this storage system for about 12 years, and it works really well for me. Also, I tend to be a minimalist, so I don’t have a huge tool collection – I’m happiest […]

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