Jewelry Making Metal

What you need to know about various jewelry making metals.

Does All Aluminum Wire Have Weak Points?

by Carol Braden-Williams. (Independence, MO USA) I’ve been a silversmith and wire jewelry artist for 25 years. Recently I was asked to make an aluminum piece and thought, no problem, aluminum is soft, I can do that. But after I received the 1/4 hard 14 gauge aluminum wire, I had problems working with it. I […]

Plated Chains vs Filled and Precious Metals

by Nicole. (Australia) Just wondering people’s thoughts on chains for pendants necklaces etc. I have originally been using the common gold/ silver plated chains but I know myself that they tarnish easily and a gorgeous piece can end up looking very cheap. I’ve been looking into investing in the real chains but as I’m starting […]

Silver and Gold Metal Quality Marks

by Diane Schamp. (Great Lakes Region) Ever wonder what the stampings on silver and gold jewelry pieces mean? Most of these markings are straightforward such as 14k means 14 karat gold and 925 means sterling silver. But sometimes the stampings seen on gold or silver may not be so obvious. Gold is more likely to […]

Price of Gold Today

by Rena Klingenberg. See the price of gold today on the charts below. You can save a lot of money on jewelry components by checking the current market price of gold before buying wire, findings, etc. Jewelry suppliers base their gold prices on the current day’s market rate. So I always update my shopping list […]

Silver Price Today

by Rena Klingenberg. See the silver price today on the charts below. I always check on the current market price of silver before I buy wire, earwires, etc. Most jewelry suppliers vary their sterling silver prices based on the market rate the day you order. So I keep my “metals shopping list” up to date […]

Bronze in Jewelry

by Rena Klingenberg. Bronze is an alloy that consists mainly of copper with a small amount of tin. It’s noted for its great strength and low melting point – so, like brass, it has often been used for casting. But unlike most metals, cast bronze expands slightly just before setting, which causes it to fill […]

Will Bronze Clay Fuse to Copper?

by Sean Quinn. (Ireland) It occurs to me that bronze clay of the right consistency could be extruded from a syringe type applicator onto copper in a pattern to give cloisonne outlines. Then the pattern filled in with enamel. My question is will the bronze fuse to the copper when fired in a kiln? Sean […]

Questions About Sterling Silver Filled Wire

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, CA) Hi, everyone– I’ve been hearing about a new metal product that is sterling silver filled wire. Does anyone have information about this product? How does it compare to sterling silver wire in look, how it handles when forged, solders, wears, patinas…? And of course, price? I’m hopeful that it […]

Jewelry Making Silver

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. Jewelry making silver is often alloyed with other metals. Pure silver is a lustrous, white precious metal. It’s soft and easily shaped, and is slightly harder than gold. Be sure to save all your scraps of sterling silver and fine silver that are too small to use in […]

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