Bracelet Projects

Handcrafted bracelet projects and tips.

Aluminum Leather Bracelet

by Patrick P. (State Collge, PA) Forged aluminum clasp, found flange with aluminum tube rivet. Aluminum riveted forged curled-clasp with a hand forged, aluminum riveted clasp bar. Aluminum is a soft (which I knew) metal, so two of the rivets spread-out a few millimeters. This is the first time I made a clasp that was […]

Spiral Heart Wire Bracelet (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This spiral heart wire bracelet is pretty and charming. It’s a simple bangle that’s created with a single piece of wire. After you’ve made one of these, you’ll be able to whip them out quickly if you want to make more of them. Supplies: Round half-hard wire, 16 gauge. Wire cutter. Cup […]

Bead and Wire Bracelet (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. Make a lovely bead and wire bracelet, using only an interesting focal bead and two pieces of wire. The bracelet fastens with a simple clasp that hooks into one of the wire loops on the bead. This project is a great way to wear a stunning focal bead without having the bracelet […]

Jingle Bell Jewelry Set (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This jolly jewelry set features clusters of jingle bells on a cha-cha bracelet and earrings. I used a mid-weight antiqued brass chain as the base for the bracelet and earrings. The bracelet has lots of movement: . . . and has a comfortable, pretty drape effect: The earrings echo the pattern of […]

Wired Ribbon Bracelets (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. These wired ribbon bracelets are pretty and lightweight, with “hardware” looking closures that keep them from appearing overly delicate. Wired ribbon is made of a fabric ribbon with wired edges, so you can “sculpt” it and it holds its shape nicely. It comes in all colors, and in seasonal designs like the […]

Easy Multi Wrap Bracelet (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. These soft, comfortable wrap bracelets are my very favorite kind of wrist jewelry to wear. They’re quick and fun to make, and there’s no limit to the colors and designs you can use! Just for fun in this tutorial, I’ve created four of these multi wrap bracelets – representing the four seasons […]

Turning a Broken Brooch into a Bracelet

by Lilián. (Argentina) A few months ago, Lilián asked for ideas on How to Turn This Brooch into A Bracelet Without Making a Hole in it. The JMJ community suggested lots of interesting solutions for her in the comments on that post, and here she shares how her new bracelet turned out. Here is the […]

Connect a Choker and Bracelet to Make a Necklace (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. In this interchangeable jewelry tutorial, we’ll use a choker-length chain necklace plus a bracelet – and hook them together to make a longer necklace. The choker and bracelet can be worn individually: And each piece fastens with the same spiral wire hook clasp design (or you can use any other type of […]

Triple Chain Slave Bracelet (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. A “slave bracelet” is a jewelry style where a ring and a bracelet are attached together in some way. In this tutorial, we’ll make a wire ring and a chain bracelet – and then connect them with three strands of chain: Here’s how this slave bracelet looks on the inside of your […]

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