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Jewelry making tips, tutorials, ideas, and projects.

Bead and Wire Dragonfly (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This bead and wire dragonfly tutorial can be used in infinite ways. You can make them into earrings: Or a necklace, with the dragonfly’s wing and tail attached to a chain: This bead and wire dragonfly is made from a single piece of wire, with a sturdy construction. You might also use […]

Aluminum Leather Bracelet

by Patrick P. (State Collge, PA) Forged aluminum clasp, found flange with aluminum tube rivet. Aluminum riveted forged curled-clasp with a hand forged, aluminum riveted clasp bar. Aluminum is a soft (which I knew) metal, so two of the rivets spread-out a few millimeters. This is the first time I made a clasp that was […]

Securing Half-Drilled Briolette?

by Autumn. (North Carolina) I purchased some beautiful top half-drilled briolette quartz beads today. I want to make earrings from them, yet I do not want to use glue of any sort. I personally just don’t like glue; and I had bad experiences using it with knotted pearls. I’ve “screwed” a steel bail into a […]

Help – Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Doesn’t Clean or Remove Tarnish

by Jane Jennings. (Philadelphia) I have an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (Boque systems, 1259), but find it doesn’t do much, either on tarnish or on dirty jewelry. I have 2 filigree white gold rings which get gunked up and are very hard to get clean. I run the machine over and over again, with little result. […]

Diane’s Ladybug Necklace

by Bev Carlson. (United States) While making one of a kind pieces is the most fun, I’ve had good luck with fundraiser projects too. My friend (both of us breast cancer survivors) runs the Boston Marathon for Dana-Farber Cancer Research. My friend is running again (her 11th) for a another friend of ours who has […]

What is the Stone in My Ring?

by Chelsea Garner. I have this ring with a blue stone that has a bit of pink in it. Can anyone please tell me what is the stone in this ring? Chelsea Garner

Wire Helix Earrings (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. In this wire helix earring project we’ll create gracefully spiraling earrings that are lightweight to wear. This is how they look when being worn: Each earring is made with a single piece of wire. This a lovely design for people who like earrings to be big and interesting – but not heavy. […]

Need Help with Air Dry Clay Techniques

by Aswathy. I have just started making terracotta jewellery. I am using air dry clay. But my pendant becomes shapeless after the clay dries. The pendant edges become curved after it dries. Can anyone please suggest the best ways to avoid this? Thanks Aswathy

What Are Your Favorite Gemstones?

by Brie. First I want to say how amazing JMJ has been for me, I’ve learned so much from everyone. I love how positive and encouraging everyone is, on every post. Okay, now on to my question: What are your favorite types / kinds of beads and gemstones? I’ve been working with the same stones […]

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