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Rugged Scrap Metal Necklace (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This is a great necklace for men – and also for women. I decided not to clean up the metal surface, to keep its grungy look. It feels both industrial and rustic, and it’s a good project for finishing up odds and ends of metal sheet. I created this piece of jewelry […]

Bead & Scroll Adjustable Wire Ring (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This easy adjustable wire ring features a lovely double scroll and an 8mm round bead. I love copper and turquoise colors together, but of course this ring would be striking in your favorite colors too. 🙂 I have always found that adjustable rings sell quickly, since many people’s fingers swell or shrink […]

Alcohol Ink on Crimp Covers?

by Leslie Hirschberg. (Rancho Mirage, CA) Can I change the color of silver crimp covers to match the beads I am stringing by using alcohol ink? Leslie Hirschberg

Gemstone Beads / Hardness and Grade Scale?

by N.B. For those of you that use natural gemstones – what hardness do you use? According to the research a hardness of 7 or higher is preferred for everyday wear. Have you used different hardness scales without a problem or customer complaints? Also what grading do you often buy? Does grading matter in handcrafted […]

Pendant Ideas Using a Wine Bottle Cork?

by Carol. (Chicago) I just returned from a Mexico adventure. I collected a bunch of wine corks that I intend to make into necklace pendants. Anyone have suggestions? Carol

Best Heat Press for Transferring Images to Metal?

by Dorothy Moser. (Maryland) I would like to use a heat press to transfer images to metal which I will then etch. Does anyone use a heat press for this purpose? And if so, what brand and model have you had good success with? Thank you, Dorothy Moser

Helpful Item for Jewelry, Borrowed from Knitting and Crochet

by Dirah Bonnie Earnest. (Martinez, CA) I just wanted to share a helpful little item that knitters and crocheters use. I found these little items so helpful with organizing or keeping in place in my chains for placing beads. I have used these for my chains that are measured out to keep size together, keep […]

Air Dry Clay Bird Pendant

by Jennie McIntyre. (Rochester UK) This was made from air dry clay. I then used acrylic paints and finally sealed for durability. I decided to pair with the lovely red agate pebbles I had brought some time earlier and finished with bronze tone findings for a rustic appearance. I used a magnetic clasp. The lightness […]

Two-Tier Bib Necklace (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This two-tier bib necklace project is a great opportunity to play with color. In my version here, I chose colorful flat teardrop beads dripping from dark antiqued brass chains. You could use any shapes and colors of beads, accented against your choice of chain color. Can you tell I love color? 🙂 […]

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