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Jewelry Patina Techniques (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. Here’s a fun way to play with a variety of jewelry patina techniques. We’ll use opaque patina inks that are made to adhere to metal. Simply paint or dab the patina ink onto your metal. This is an easy way to create patina effects in a variety of colors. Unlike most patina […]

Help – Beading Wire Stretches, Making Finished Jewelry “Grow”

by Pat K. I used to feed wire back through a few beads, but it always found a way out. So now I double crimp / cover, and tightly flush cut the tail (I use 7 or 19 strand beading wire). My biggest issue is wire stretching in use. For necklaces, with some success, I […]

Nest Earrings Made Using Rena’s Instructions

by Linda Sheehan. (Hickory NC USA) This were the perfect gift for my 11 year old granddaughter. The instructions in the Bird’s Nest Wire Earrings Tutorial were easy to follow (which is one of many reasons I look forward to the newsletters). I will be making more. I didn’t have the color wire and beads […]

What is the Best Restringing Cord for Repairing Jewelry?

by Mary Anne Enriquez. (USA) I have many heavy vintage/ antique “ethnic” handmade necklaces and bracelets that need restringing. I see that a lot of these necklaces drape really lovely due to the original cotton or hemp-like cord… but the heavy stone, metal, and glass beads have all cut the cords over time. Some of […]

Wire Tree of Life (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. The wire tree of life is a popular motif in jewelry. One of the addictive things about creating these is that there are so many ways to arrange and decorate your tree’s roots, trunk, and branches. But beware – these trees have a mind of their own, and they may grow their […]

Gifts of Spring – Sea Glass Jewelry

by Melinda Lovell. (Florida) I have been collecting sea glass for years. Recently I found these pretty spring colors. I love combining wire and glass and coming up with interesting designs. Melinda Lovell Sea Winks

Bead and Wire Dragonfly (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This bead and wire dragonfly tutorial can be used in infinite ways. You can make them into earrings: Or a necklace, with the dragonfly’s wing and tail attached to a chain: This bead and wire dragonfly is made from a single piece of wire, with a sturdy construction. You might also use […]

Aluminum Leather Bracelet

by Patrick P. (State Collge, PA) Forged aluminum clasp, found flange with aluminum tube rivet. Aluminum riveted forged curled-clasp with a hand forged, aluminum riveted clasp bar. Aluminum is a soft (which I knew) metal, so two of the rivets spread-out a few millimeters. This is the first time I made a clasp that was […]

Securing Half-Drilled Briolette?

by Autumn. (North Carolina) I purchased some beautiful top half-drilled briolette quartz beads today. I want to make earrings from them, yet I do not want to use glue of any sort. I personally just don’t like glue; and I had bad experiences using it with knotted pearls. I’ve “screwed” a steel bail into a […]

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