First Wire Bracelet

by Catherine Smith. (Oklahoma) I’ve been wanting to learn working with wire. I really want to make bracelets and rings. I sat down and figured it out after lying in bed the night before. I started with 16 gauge copper wire, hardened it, then used 24 gauge copper wire to wrap around the base. I […]

Learning a New Pendant Design at the Tucson Gem Show

by Judy Pagnusat. (United States) I was in Tucson this year for the Gem Shows. I met a man, Dennis Hardy of Knotted Branch Designs, who was demoing forged wire cab setting. I watched and purchased one of his pieces. I have been working on the technique and ordered his tutorial. I always enjoy learning […]

Sweetheart Silver and Red Heart Necklace

by Teresa Rusk. (United States) I was experimenting with some new wire designs and came up with these curvy links. My one problem was that they tended to pull apart rather easily, so to prevent that, I used a silver plated crimp cover bead to secure the 2 pieces of wire. It makes the link […]

Wire Wrapped Pendant

by Joyce Becker. (Bend, Oregon) Last year – the year of change. I purchased this book Build Your Own Wire Pendants (by Kimberly Berlin) over a year ago. Two moves in 2016 prevented me from using it (all components packed). It was a dry year. Now, am trying some new ideas. Digging out old favorites […]

My Heart and Swirl Necklace

by Christine Carelli. (United States) This piece was just simply some 18 gauge silver plated wire and crystal beads. I just made some free-form swirls and an asymmetrical heart. I pounded the pieces with my hammer and anvil and then tapped in some texture. I took all the pieces and arranged them in different ways […]

My Heart is Blue – Wire Woven Pendant

by Regina Pickering. (Mississippi) A friend had this beautiful jasper heart along with some matching beads that she wanted made into a necklace. I have been following some online tutorials for wire weaving, and bless her heart, she entrusted her lovely stone and beads to me. Her only request was that the wire used be […]

Amethyst and Silver Wire Bracelet

by Miriam Laister. (Normanville, South Australia) My daughter was visiting from interstate and I offered her a choice from my market stock of jewelry for a birthday gift. She loved a bracelet I had but it was too small. So I offered to make one with her choice of cabochons polished by my husband. She […]

Tree of Life Pendant for Daughter’s Birthday

by Anne. (British Columbia Canada) I tend to make very casual jewellery, which is what I like to wear myself. I have been resistant to try making a Tree of Life pendant for some time, but as my daughter’s birthday is coming up I decided to bite the bullet and do some research. With much […]

All Wrapped Up…

by Lynda. (Spring Valley, CA) This bracelet is a sampler of wired beads made in an Adult School class. Coiled and spiraled, croissant (rolled), and caged. I added some simply wrapped clear glass beads to finish it off. After a nice dip in the LOS hot tub, and a tumble for shine, it was ready […]

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