Chevron Necklace

by Jeanne. (Waukesha, WI) Looking for inspiration I recently found an old, copper, solid, chevron piece that I had in my miscellaneous stash container. I believe it was a single, left over earring from who knows where. I thought about how I could use this shape with wire and began the experimenting phase with pipe […]

“The Forrest” Onyx Agate and Copper Necklace

by Kristene Gonzales. (Draper, Utah, United States) I got this onyx agate with these gorgeous greens that inspired me to make this piece. I live by the Wasatch mountains and am constantly in the outdoors. This necklace is named “The Forrest” and I created it around this stone with a reflection of nature in mind. […]

Wire Shamrocks!

by Erinn LaMattery. (Japan) Back in January I started playing around with my wire to make some shamrocks. After maybe half an hour of wasted materials, I finally found a way to shape them that was easy for me and they turned out pretty sweet! (I always start with cheap aluminum wire before moving into […]

Seascape Dreams Jewelry

by Alla P. (United States) When I think of summer it always brings images of sandy beach, turquoise water, sun and shells to my mind. On a February Jersey evening these thoughts help to keep me warm 🙂 And here are some sea inspired pieces I came up with. Alla P.

Tree of Life (TOL) Pendant – Wire Wrapped

by Mei Tan. (Malaysia) This is my first Tree of Life (TOL) Pendant. I have seen a lot of TOL around the web but not until recently did I made one. This peridot TOL (+ few Garnet and Tourmaline) is specially made for our primary school English teacher (English is my second language) whom we […]

Wire Crocheted Sea Glass Basket Pendant

by Jean Forman. (United States) I created this crocheted wire basket pendant with a tiny steel crochet hook and thin silver wire. Then I added sea glass pieces I found in Puerto Rico. Crocheting wire is a challenge, but I love to create unusual bezels and designs this way. Combining sea glass with crochet is […]

First Wire Bracelet

by Catherine Smith. (Oklahoma) I’ve been wanting to learn working with wire. I really want to make bracelets and rings. I sat down and figured it out after lying in bed the night before. I started with 16 gauge copper wire, hardened it, then used 24 gauge copper wire to wrap around the base. I […]

Learning a New Pendant Design at the Tucson Gem Show

by Judy Pagnusat. (United States) I was in Tucson this year for the Gem Shows. I met a man, Dennis Hardy of Knotted Branch Designs, who was demoing forged wire cab setting. I watched and purchased one of his pieces. I have been working on the technique and ordered his tutorial. I always enjoy learning […]

Sweetheart Silver and Red Heart Necklace

by Teresa Rusk. (United States) I was experimenting with some new wire designs and came up with these curvy links. My one problem was that they tended to pull apart rather easily, so to prevent that, I used a silver plated crimp cover bead to secure the 2 pieces of wire. It makes the link […]

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