Vintage jewelry gallery. Handmade jewelry inspired by bygone eras.

Past Meets Present with Vintage Button Jewelry

by Terrie Marcoe. (New Paltz, NY and Joshua Tree, CA) I have make ponytail holders from antique sewing buttons since about 1998, and it was only a few years ago that I thought about using the buttons for jewelry. Interestingly, my first pair, just a simple wire-wrap to drop from ear wire, was what led […]

Cool Spring Evening Vintage Necklace

by Teri Griffith. (Davie, Florida USA) Picture a vintage style poster, a huge smiley face moon, stars and wispy clouds, these images must have been in my mind for this necklace. Starting with vintage blue beads, shoe hardware, and an old charm this is how it all came together.   Teri Griffith Creatively Hatched

My Vintage Paris Love

by Ruhia Sadiq. (India) I have always been inspired by images of Vintage Paris, be it Jewelry or Scrap-booking or Decor… always gave me a sense of romance and all things feminine…. When I stumbled upon these little findings it was no surprise that I create some Vintage Feminine pieces out of these……Featuring the Eiffel […]

Olde Meets New

by Elizabeth Reid. (United States) I used 20 gauge copper 1.5 inches wide. I applied a peanut oil patina and then riveted an antique escutcheon. These escutcheons were from my grandfather Max Rosinski who was a cabinet-maker in the DC area between 1898 and 1940. My second hobby/passion is genealogy and while going through a […]

Broken Jewelry Collage Necklace Creations

by Kathryn Berkowitz. (United States) I enjoy creating one of a kind pieces for my clients and collectors. My client wanted a unique and meaningful Christmas gift for her granddaughter and provided me with some elements she inherited from her own mother’s jewelry box, including a solitary earring, a broken brooch or bracelet, and other […]

Nanny’s Treasures: My Vintage Heirloom Design

by Sarah R. (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) Some of my favorite memories of my grandmother are when she would let me explore her jewelry box. She had a multi level wooden jewelry box filled with all sorts of treasures. Some costume, some fine and many handmade pieces. I loved to look at each piece and […]

Heirloom Wedding Rings Necklace

by Mary La Croix Schmidt. (Johns Creek, Georgia USA) Next month, February, my mom would have been 92 years old. She passed away in 1987. A year or two before she passed, she gave my older sister her wedding rings, since my sister had two small girls at the time. I believe my mother said […]

It’s Time: New Jewelry from Antique Clock Keys

by Cindi Bernloehr. (United States) I was in Columbus OH, (I live in FL) visiting my best friend of 30+ years and we went to a antiques mall. I love digging around in all the areas and wasn’t looking for anything in paticular, but was intrigued by a ring of old keys I saw. I […]

Old Coins Turned Into Jewelry

by Diane Schamp. (Great Lakes Region USA) One day I decided to turn my stash of Italian Lire and US coins into beautiful pendants and earrings using 14 kt gold filled bezel wire, chain, and earrings. I also have a lot of other foreign coins collected over many years of traveling that have been made […]

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